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New Red Bull office gets quiet launch

Posted by Trevor
November 27, 2014 in Office Design & Fit Out

Contrasting its public image, an energy-drinks firm has quietly opened its brand new office space in New York, USA.

Red Bull is synonymous with all things adrenaline fuelled, from its energy drink, advertising campaigns, its Formula 1 association, and extreme sports sponsorship. However, the new workspace is more low key than many may assume.

For one, the space lacks branding. The worldwide famous Red Bull logo is nowhere to be seen; externally or internally. This is a key part of the design element, as is the style of the entire facility.

Not constricted by a defined space, a flexible office is very much the order of the day. This means that the firm can make the office fit its needs, as the workspace can be adapted and changed on a daily, weekly or even hour-by-hour basis.

It is not just the layout and lack of corporate colours and branding that makes the space work for the firm though. Holding 60 workers at the moment, the Manhattan office space has the potential for double that number across its 16,800 sq ft offering. With mezzanine flooring too, it has somewhat of a gallery feel to it.

This is echoed in the office flooring, which is a stark concrete. The walls too are whitewashed and clean. It is all offset by the vibrant colours from the office furniture, which themselves take their cue from the mid-nineteenth century.

Altogether, it is a space that aims for creativity and productivity, which is a trend that many firms aspire to across the world today.

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