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Divide your Work Place with Partitioning Systems

March 15, 2017

Having an office with a wide-open space with all departments together can sometimes cause a lot of noise with different projects happening simultaneously. Having partitioning systems installed in an office doesn’t mean just having separate spaces in the office for different departments, partitioning can also create a professional meeting room. There are many different designs of office partitioning which our experienced team can both design and install, frameless glass partitioning, demountable partitions which has sound attenuation, as well as many other designs.


Turn Your Meeting Room into Two with Operable walls

January 16, 2017

Having only one meeting room can often cause difficulties and frustrations when two meetings are scheduled in at the same time and this is where operable walls can really come in handy and prove to be extremely efficient. When in use, they create a structural wall splitting up a room and when they are no longer required they can be folded or stacked against the wall to give back the original open space.


New Year, New Office

November 30, 2016

Many offices don’t get refurbished for many years after they’re first completed, so 2017 may be the year that your office deserves a well-earned refurb, even if it is just a lick of paint! There’s nothing better than kick-starting the new year with a brand new looking office ready to get back into the swing of things after the festivities. Companies often have a business plan for the year ahead and if you’re planning on growing yours, office partitioning can help join teams and provide quiet meeting or training spaces within your previously open-plan office.


Want to improve the productivity of your employees?

October 24, 2016

Having an area in the workplace to go during breaks and lunch hour has many benefits for both employees and employers. It is important to have some time during the working day to switch off from work and reboot, ‘A study of office workers and managers by Staples discovered that even though 66 percent of employees spend more than eight hours a day at work, more than a quarter of them don’t take a break other than lunch.’. It is a known fact that employees who take regular breaks, especially lunch, are more productive than employees who skip theses breaks. As well as boosting productivity, a place for employees to socialise and get to know each other can boost work relationships and help create a fun and friendly atmosphere when in the office. This area may not just be for employees either but also a useful space for guests and clients too. This area could act as a waiting room so they aren’t left standing around the office where projects are being carried out.


Glass Partitioning can Transform your Office!

August 25, 2016

For many office workers, sitting at a desk all day typing away on a keyboard and looking into a computer screen seems to take up the majority of their working hours! For this reason, among others, it is extremely important to provide a working environment that keeps employees feeling happy and uplifted – helping to improve productivity and boost company morale.


Increase the Size of Your Space, Not Your Expenses!

July 20, 2016

It’s a situation many businesses will face at some point, but growing out of your premises can be a real hassle. Not only does it take a lot of time and effort, moving to a larger premise can also be pretty expensive too.

How Health and Safety Conscious Are You?

June 10, 2016

Health and safety is everywhere – and although at times it can feel that the world has gone health and safety mad, the construction industry has some very real dangers and it is imperative that the rules and regulations are followed.

Health and safety is our number one concern

December 9, 2015

Health and safety is our number one concern

When we make installations in the construction industry – both in offices and warehouse settings – we have to be aware of changes in legislation that affect several different workspaces.

We are fully mindful of the need to keep up with such legislation, because we know the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) will come down hard on transgressions.


We gave accountants a partitioning asset

November 12, 2015

We have recently completed an installation at Maxipay accounting services in Tunbridge Wells, which provides financial services to thousands of people across many industries.


Aldi announces plans for new Cardiff warehouse

November 29, 2014

Low-cost supermarket chain Aldi has announced plans to build a multimillion pound warehouse in the Welsh capital as part of its recently confirmed £109m investment into the UK.

The £25m development, which is expected to (more…)

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