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Suspended ceilings: not just hanging around

 Suspended ceilings  Suspended ceilings are a practical, cost-effective and sophisticated alternative to a traditional ceiling installation. Known to many as a dropped ceiling, understanding the basics is simple, as the answer is in the (more…)

Essential safety flooring advice for commercial kitchen owners

Some of the most common injuries in a commercial kitchen happen as a result of slipping. With hot surfaces and pans, sharp utensils, and hot foods and sauces going backwards and forwards at all times, these slips can lead to more serious harm than the odd bump and bruise.

However, by taking on the right advice, implementing the right procedures and having (more…)

Modern warehouse design driving down costs for UK business

A new approach to composite panel construction is helping to slash the costs of warehouse design and construction. Known as single-envelope technology, it complements the improvements in insulation and thermal protection offered by (more…)

Four top tips to maintain your office floors this winter

Though Britain has enjoyed recent mild weather through the year, winter is most certainly approaching and, as a result, those office floors will need a little more care and attention. An important investment in any workplace,  office flooring  office flooring is an easily forgotten but essential element that (more…)

Office partitions: bringing the workplace together

Open-plan offices are very de rigueur today, helping collaboration and teamwork – whether in a creative setting or in a more structured environment. As much as the spaciousness creates a more productive environment, however, there is always a (more…)

Top 10 considerations for your mezzanine floor

Mezzanine floors have been helping businesses gain more space for many years. When installing a mezzanine into your space though, whether above the racking or in an otherwise underused environment, it is essential to take these (more…)

How creative should your office design be?

With famous companies such as Apple and Google designing their offices in extremely wacky and imaginative ways, you might wonder just how creative you should be when it comes to designing your own office space. The advantages offered by the bold and unusual office designs associated with (more…)

How have warehouses changed in the 21st Century?

During the 20th Century, warehouses were viewed quite differently from how they are today. They were buildings inside which most procedures were carried out manually, and where it was difficult to cope with sudden changes in the demand for (more…)

Five things you didn’t know about mezzanines

Mezzanines are elevated platforms that provide an extra floor area inside a building. They can greatly benefit your business in more ways than you might imagine. Here are just some of the advantages that they (more…)

Four main health and safety pitfalls in warehouses

Warehouses can be hazardous places for workers if proper health and safety procedures are not in place, so being aware of the most common safety problems is essential. If potential dangers are identified and dealt with then (more…)

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