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Choosing an office design that suits your industry

Posted by Marianne
June 12, 2014 in Features

Whatever field of business you are in, your office design should ideally achieve a balance between function and aesthetics. The functional aspects of the design will need to be chosen according to the demands of your industry and the way in which the office will be used. The visual, tactile and auditory aspects of your design, while partly dependent on the way the office is run, will also make a statement to visitors and staff about your business’ personality and its place within your industry.

Selecting the right design involves carefully combining both the look and feel of your office and the practicality of its layout. If successful, it should not only maximise productivity, but also create an environment that reflects your firm’s ethos and the importance of the work that you do.

A practical layout that addresses the demands of the industry

Your first step when considering your office design is to think about who will be working in the space at various times throughout the day. With some industries – for example those which provide a 24-hour support service for customers – there could be employees working around the clock. Other fields of business could see staff entering the office for only part of the week, with a lot of work being carried out either at home or on the move. In either scenario, it is possible that different staff may be around at different times, enabling work stations to be shared, and this can then help to determine the way  office furniture  office furniture is laid out.

Storage is an important consideration, and in industries that require items such as stationery to be kept in the office space, suitable cupboards or filing cabinets will need to be incorporated into the design. Some creative fields of work may require staff to spend time coming up with ideas, and this might require more of an emphasis on comfortable, quiet areas in which employees can sit and think. Alternatively, group discussions may take place, leading to a need for meeting spaces.

In a setting in which both kinds of activity are going on, the space may need to be divided to prevent noisy distractions and office partitions, or some of the latest furniture with soundproofing, may be used.

Flexible design makes the best use of space

If the nature of your industry means the work carried out in your office changes periodically, with staff collaborating some of the time and working individually at other times, then having a flexible layout might be the best option. Movable partitions can be used to change the way your office space is divided, allowing larger areas to be created temporarily for collaborative working or meetings.

Finally, a design that fits with the image of your firm, as well as reflecting something of the industry in which your business operates, is something to aim for. A business in a traditional, long-standing sector could choose a more formal and classical design, while a firm in a relatively young and creative field could opt for a more novel and daring look.

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