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Former Emmerdale landmark revitalised with mezzanine floor

With the installation of a new staircase, some innovative glazing and a  mezzanine flooring  mezzanine flooring level, former civil engineer Andy Stakes has converted a 220 year old Yorkshire barn into a luxury home. (more…)

Mezzanine floor boosts regeneration project

A £6.7 million regeneration scheme in a South Wales town will see the Victorian library converted into a community enterprise hub. A number of new services will be available including a drop-in advice centre, a crèche and a catering training facility, which will be constructed on a mezzanine floor level. Lifts and ramps will also be installed to provide disabled access to the new mezzanine floor. (more…)

Cancer centre install landscaped mezzanine floor

Cancer charity Maggie’s has started work on a new centre in the grounds of Newcastle’s Freeman Hospital, which has been designed with a landscaped roof above the mezzanine floor. (more…)

Mezzanine floor offers best viewing position

Renowned for its historical railway links, the Swindon Steam Railway Museum is housed in part of the Swindon Works. In operation from 1843 to 1986, Swindon Works was one of the most prodigious manufacturers of railway locomotives, with the works spreading over 300 acres at the height of manufacture. (more…)