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Olympic Park site signs first commercial deal

The International Quarter in Stratford City, London, has seen the signing of its first commercial deal. The site, adjacent to the (more…)

Iconic capital tower to see major refurb

Centre Point has stood sentinel over London’s West End since the 1960s, and has gone from being much maligned to listed. In the latest developments in its story, the tower (more…)

Office Space Infographic

Did you know that an estimated £26 billion was lost from the UK economy from time spent in meetings in 2011? Staggering figures such as this are costing businesses a lot of wasted money each year. The following infographic highlights some of the money UK businesses are wasting every day as a result of their staff, and what the best size and layout of office is to minimise the loss, according to research.

Where Does The Time Go Infographic

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Pottery giant overhaul gets all fired up

Plans to overhaul the home of an iconic pottery firm in Staffordshire have been revealed which, if approved, will boost production, jobs and (more…)

Iconic Newcastle building to get major refit

A largely vacant building in Newcastle is to undergo a major redevelopment, which will see it become a (more…)