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Second city’s biggest residential conference centre getting a refurb

The refurbishment of a large conference venue in Birmingham is moving forward apace, with the November (more…)

Keeping office flooring safe

We may not think of it all the time, but  office flooring  office flooring is perhaps the most important part of an office – other than the staff members that work on (more…)

Property consultant HQ a great example for sustainability

The Manchester headquarters of one of the largest property consultants in the UK has achieved a (more…)

How to lay out your office furniture

How you choose to lay out your  office furniture  office furniture is essential. It potentially boosts productivity and employee wellbeing, as well as reducing office spend. Conversely, poorly laid out (more…)

Making the most of office space

For all businesses, no matter their size or position in the market, optimising the use of office space is essential. For most firms, it is the biggest (more…)

New lease of life for former post office

A historic post office in Stoke is set to be given a new start after The Prince’s Trust and the City Council applied to convert it into a new state-of-the-art (more…)

Why warehouses and offices need different flooring

There are certain things that warehouses and offices have in common. They are both important work areas which are fundamental to operating a (more…)

Why partition an office?

There are many reasons why an office could be ideal to partition off, from helping improve its flow to creating individual work areas. There are also a number of (more…)

The advantages of mezzanine flooring

A mezzanine floor is a facility used by many businesses in the UK today. A raised platform which is supported by steel columns, it is completely independent of the (more…)

Landmark office fit out sparks bidding war

What has so far been considered one of the largest office fit outs ever is likely to spark a huge bidding war for (more…)

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