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Leeds Grade A office shortage helped by refurb

The completion of a £1m  office refurbishment  office refurbishment in Leeds City Centre has, according to the owner of the property, released the city’s most prestigious location into (more…)

Four advantages of mezzanine flooring

 Mezzanine flooring  Mezzanine flooring can work extremely well in homes and public spaces. In offices and warehouses too, they are often very beneficial, coming to the aid of many firms throughout the country. Seen in many new shopping centres, restaurants and clubs and bars, they are often the perfect solution to a number of issues.

The benefits of mezzanine floors naturally vary from place to place, company to company and person to person. However, here is a quick appraisal about four of the main advantages you could see if you opt for a mezzanine floor at your business. (more…)

Top tips for choosing the best office furniture

The better an office environment, the better the productivity of its staff. This is nothing new but, many otherwise well designed offices are let down by their furniture. Needing to provide workers with a safe and comfortable place to work, it is important to get things right.

There are number of companies out there that can help you furnish your office, but there are also a number of top tips that you can follow yourself, ensuring you (more…)

Warehouse conversion starts for Derby one stop bike shop

Work has started on a major project in Derby, which it is hoped will encourage more people to get on their bike in and around the city,

The Park Bikeworks will see the transformation of an old warehouse. The flooring, being strong and resilient, will allow (more…)

Three features that can make or break a warehouse

To the layman, a warehouse will appear to not be a great deal more than a place for stocks of items to be kept, with a metal shed type structure being all there is to it. However, whilst an accurate description on one level, that level is only a base one.

Getting everything right, those all important features that make or break a warehouse, is where the devil is. It is, after all all in the details.

There are three areas which deserve to be focused on more than (more…)

Google UK HQ designs go back to the drawing board

To much industry coverage, Google recently showed off its early ideas for its new offices in King’s Cross.

The site, which will become (more…)

The importance of safety flooring

By its very name alone,  safety flooring  safety flooring is important; providing a safe, secure and reliable surface in order that personnel can carry out their duties safely and effectively. This alone makes it clear to see why it is such a vital component of any work area, warehouse and similar space.

The importance of such floors is recognised under the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992. This states that (more…)

Self storage approaches 50/50 commercial share

First launched as a consumer enterprise to help families store belongings they are not quite ready to part with, the self storage industry is now (more…)

Multimillion pound Edinburgh development work to commence in weeks

The creation of a new four-acre city centre development in the heart of Edinburgh is to get under way in just a matter of weeks, with permission granted for (more…)