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British Land reports an increased demand for office space

National property developer British Land has said that the demand for office space throughout the country is continuing to increase.

With many companies requesting (more…)

How to strike a balance between office furniture and lighting

When planning how to lay out an office and integrating lighting with furniture, it is important to put the comfort of employees first, so that they can work as efficiently and productively as possible. Another consideration will be the overall aesthetic effect of both elements when in place. Getting this right will result in (more…)

Warehouses and how they benefit from steel partitions

In an open plan workplace such as a warehouse interior, there is often a need to create self-contained working areas or offices to organise the space as efficiently as possible. Unlike many other work spaces the industrial setting of a warehouse, in which heavy items may be moved around using forklift trucks, generally requires (more…)

Three tips for deciding on the right flooring

When choosing the right flooring for your business, you may feel bewildered at first by the large range of surfaces available. These include the natural-looking options of ceramic tiles, stone and wood, more industrial flooring types such as concrete, vinyl and rubber and the traditional choices of (more…)

Sweet upgrade for packaging firm warehouse

A UK contract packaging company has this month upgraded its warehouse facility in Blyth, as it strives to underpin its current position and move into new markets.

Assembly and Packaging Services (APS) have spent over £40,000 on (more…)

Four most important pieces of office furniture

Trends in  office furniture  office furniture come and go but there are a few basic pieces of furniture that almost all offices need in order to function and, whether your office is a small one in the home or a large open plan area with dozens of employees, you will probably find you (more…)

Choosing between a permanent and operable wall

When dividing up a large space, there is often a decision to be made regarding the benefits of using an operable versus a permanent wall. If being able to use the space in its entirety at times would be desirable then it could make sense to opt for an operable wall. If this situation is highly unlikely to arise, a permanent wall could be (more…)

How workers can benefit from office partitions

Office partitions come in a variety of forms, all of which offer different benefits for office workers, but there are some general advantages that partitions will provide. Perhaps most importantly, as far as the individual worker is concerned,  office partitioning  office partitioning can be used to give people a (more…)

Mezzanine floors; making traditional space more modern

 Mezzanine flooring  Mezzanine flooring offers an ingenious way to convert high-ceilinged traditional interiors into more usable spaces. The term mezzanine comes from ‘mezzano’, an Italian word that means ‘middle’. This is quite appropriate because a mezzanine floor could be described as being (more…)

Warehouse investment sees 50% rise

Recent figures have suggested that investment in UK distribution warehouses has increased by nearly half in the (more…)

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