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Former London power station’s iconic chimneys to be demolished

The developers of Battersea Power Station have said that its iconic chimneys are to be pulled down.

With the four stacks being a risk to public safety due to (more…)

Four boldest office designs and how they help employees

Some innovative and inspiring offices have been created in recent years, providing pleasant and uplifting environments for those who work in them. Big companies in particular, such as Apple and Google, have really pushed the boundaries of office design, in an attempt to produce amazing work spaces that utilise the latest ideas regarding aesthetics and function.

The aim is to increase productivity by (more…)

Waitrose to open first NDC

A grocery retailer is to open its first National Distribution Centre (NDC), as it celebrates a record market share and continues with its ambitious expansion plans.

With construction already under way, the (more…)

How an office design can make the most of available space

Having a smaller office means lower expenses and, even if your business grows, it is almost always cheaper to stay put and refurbish an existing space rather than to relocate.

If you are starting to feel your office is (more…)

Finding the balance between aesthetics and functionality in office design

If you want to maximise productivity in your office, then aesthetics is just as important as practicality as far as your employees are concerned.

Research suggests that ugly offices have a negative effect on workers, in the same way that (more…)

Four tips for maximising warehouse safety

When considering your warehouse from a health and safety point of view, it is better to make sure that everything is in place right from the start.

Ideally, you will choose an experienced and (more…)

Swansea warehouse to become ‘creative centre’

A former furniture warehouse in South Wales is set to be transformed into a hub for firms in the creative sector.

The building, located on King’s Lane in Swansea, has been (more…)

How office design has changed over the years

Offices used to be places where hierarchies were established, often through the use of architecture.

Designers often created prestigious spaces, such as huge lobbies, to impress all who entered and, while managers had (more…)

Six essential aspects of the perfect break room

When planning your break room, it can make a huge difference if you take the extra time required to create a space that’s as near to perfect as possible for your needs.

Although the advantages associated with taking enjoyable breaks may (more…)

Business estate refurbishment works get underway

The renovation of a Manchester commercial area has begun, with the aim of attracting new companies to the site.

The four building Towers Business Estate is (more…)

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