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How creative should your office design be?

With famous companies such as Apple and Google designing their offices in extremely wacky and imaginative ways, you might wonder just how creative you should be when it comes to designing your own office space. The advantages offered by the bold and unusual office designs associated with (more…)

How have warehouses changed in the 21st Century?

During the 20th Century, warehouses were viewed quite differently from how they are today. They were buildings inside which most procedures were carried out manually, and where it was difficult to cope with sudden changes in the demand for (more…)

New warehouse HQ set for Nantwich

One of the largest suppliers of fixings and screws in the country is to headquarter its operations in Nantwich, after the company confirmed an £800,000 investment into a new warehouse.

The 21,000 sq ft site is (more…)

Five things you didn’t know about mezzanines

Mezzanines are elevated platforms that provide an extra floor area inside a building. They can greatly benefit your business in more ways than you might imagine. Here are just some of the advantages that they (more…)

QEII site to get major facelift

The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre (QEIICC) in Westminster, often used by inquiry committees, has announced a major refurbishment of the event venue.

Stating that the work will be (more…)

Four main health and safety pitfalls in warehouses

Warehouses can be hazardous places for workers if proper health and safety procedures are not in place, so being aware of the most common safety problems is essential. If potential dangers are identified and dealt with then (more…)

London property to be tenanted after five years standing empty

An office block in west London is to finally be tenanted after being left empty for a number of years throughout the economic downturn.

Exion House in Brentford was never officially (more…)

Latest green building comes online in London

A building offering its tenants low fuel bills and further reduced running costs has entered the London commercial property market, after developers signed off on the project.

Moorgate Exchange, right in the heart of (more…)