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Ensuring office design complements the brand

Posted by Mark
March 29, 2014 in Features

Everyone has heard about the importance of branding, and your first reaction towards the idea of incorporating your brand into your office design might be the most obvious one; to decorate using company colours and logos.

However, truly complementing your brand through office design requires a bit more subtlety than that. The biggest, most successful companies, such as Google and Facebook, have introduced the idea that office branding really involves creating a work space that promotes behaviour consistent with your company’s identity.

Your office is a world that reflects the ethos of your brand

When visitors enter your office, they should step into a space that has an atmosphere that reminds them of your brand. As well as having the right feel, it should be apparent that the design of the space fits with the kind of behaviour that suits your company’s personality.

If you are a young, creative firm, then your office should be designed to appear youthful and imaginative. On the other hand, if your brand speaks of tradition, then your office might be expected to convey the feeling that it has been there for a very long time.

The mobile phone company Vodafone designed an office in the Netherlands that promoted ‘mobile working’. This involved creating a building that was divided into zones for what the company described as slow, medium and fast styles of working. There were no fixed work stations in the building, but every floor had informal meeting rooms. In this way, a company that creates mobile products was able to reflect the portable working concept throughout its office design.

Colours and logos have their place

As long as your company’s brand values are reflected in your office design, then company logos and colours can be used as part of the decoration process, although there can be a tendency for this to look tacky if not carried out thoughtfully. These secondary elements of branding can be used more subtly if parts of them are taken and incorporated into your office decor, rather than being used in their entirety.

An opportunity to get to know your brand better

Designing your office may well lead to a period during which you consider your branding more deeply than you may have done for some time, as you try to come up with ways that your new work space can capture the spirit behind your company.

Should you decide that a modern outlook is an important factor, then you might want to incorporate as much light and space into your office as possible. Use partitions to divide up work areas where necessary. Installing glass partitions can be a way of doing this while still allowing plenty of light into the workplace.

For a firm that has a more learned and old-fashioned feel, a library area featuring shelving and a traditional floor covering, such as wood or stone, may be a better fit for its image.

If you have a company that values its ability to think on more than one level, you could always translate that literally and use  mezzanine flooring  mezzanine flooring, providing a different way of looking at the same office space.

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