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Five things you didn’t know about mezzanines

Posted by Mark
July 17, 2014 in Features

Mezzanines are elevated platforms that provide an extra floor area inside a building. They can greatly benefit your business in more ways than you might imagine. Here are just some of the advantages that they offer:

1.  Mezzanine flooring  Mezzanine flooring offers an alternative to relocation

Businesses often invest in mezzanine floors instead of moving out of buildings that have become too small for their needs. This is because they provide extra space in your existing building with minimum disruption to your business. As mezzanines are prefabricated structures, it is easy to install them inside your business premises and they can also be dismantled without problems if your firm’s need for space is subsequently reduced. Being able to avoid relocating saves businesses time and money. New, larger premises could be associated with higher rent and energy charges, and staying put avoids such ongoing extra costs.

2. Visually appealing

Mezzanine floors can be used to create a modern look and, as mezzanines can be individually designed to suit specific premises, you should be able to obtain one that visually enhances your building. The futuristic appearance of mezzanines, which are typically constructed out of industrial materials such as steel, can create interesting design statements inside older buildings. People using mezzanines will be provided with a variety of different views, enabling them to see familiar interiors from new angles. This can give an existing space a new lease of life.

3. Structurally, there are many different options

According to your business’s requirements, you could have a mezzanine floor that consists of a single tier or multiple levels. It is also possible to incorporate extra features such as glass panels and staircases into a mezzanine if you wish. The size could vary from a huge storage area to a small floor that provides just enough space for a coffee area or library.

4. Making the best use of available space

Mezzanine flooring is associated with the creation of additional storage areas, but they can be used to create extra space for storage even when they are not directly used to store items. A mezzanine floor could be used as an office area, for example, and, as a consequence, the space occupied by your former office, which may have taken up a corner of the warehouse floor, is freed up for storage, making better use of that space. In a building with a low roof height, where you could not install a mezzanine floor for use as a working area, one could be erected and used solely for storage, taking advantage of an otherwise unusable ceiling space.

5. A mezzanine floor can travel with your business

Even if your business eventually outgrows its existing building and you have to relocate, the money you invested in your mezzanine floor will not be wasted, as it can be taken apart and transported along with everything else. Its modular structure ensures that your mezzanine can be quickly dismantled and moved with the rest of your business’s equipment, ready to be reassembled inside your new premises where, over time, it should prove just as useful as it did in your old building.

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