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Four advantages of mezzanine flooring

Posted by Mark
January 30, 2014 in Features

 Mezzanine flooring  Mezzanine flooring can work extremely well in homes and public spaces. In offices and warehouses too, they are often very beneficial, coming to the aid of many firms throughout the country. Seen in many new shopping centres, restaurants and clubs and bars, they are often the perfect solution to a number of issues.

The benefits of mezzanine floors naturally vary from place to place, company to company and person to person. However, here is a quick appraisal about four of the main advantages you could see if you opt for a mezzanine floor at your business.

Number One – No planning permission is needed

With ever increasing convoluted planning regulations from local authorities across the country, many firms are finding it hard to grow their premises. Whilst many may feel that all the red tape flies in the face of economic growth, the reality for some is that it risks losing market opportunities and, in many cases, even survival.

However, many warehouses and offices that need extra space often have a great deal of wasted space; right above them. This is where a well designed and well built mezzanine level can really come into its own.

Number Two – Storage solutions

A perennial problem for everyone in life, personally and professionally, is a lack of storage space. It does not matter how much we try to rid ourselves of clutter, there is always just too much, stuff. Compounding the problem of course is that this, ‘stuff’ is not ready to trash, is wanted and, quite often, extremely necessary; all be it on an infrequent basis.

Coming over the hills like a Union cavalry charge though, could well be a mezzanine floor. Able to be partitioned into distinct areas, seasonal items, marketing materials, spare parts and even food and drink supplies can readily be stored out of sight, ensuring you’re not driven out of mind.

Number Three – An extra office

As a company expands, there is always the need to get in new staff to manage the increased work flow. Excellent for the business, wonderful for the local area and ideal for job seekers, it often causes problems. After all, you cannot have workers sitting on top of each other.

Well, you can actually, as this is just what a mezzanine floor can do. Using up that extra space above the heads of your staff, additional offices can quickly and effectively be put up and bums placed at that shiny new  office furniture  office furniture.

Number Four – Cost effectiveness

As a company recognises that it has outgrown its current premises, the search for a new one begins. Often though, it proves fruitless – after all, the perfect location and agreeable rates have already been found. Then there are the costs involved. On so many levels, it just seems silly to move.

To create that extra space therefore, a mezzanine can help; the level that really makes it seem silly to move. Able to be in place within a weekend, they’re extremely quick to erect too.

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