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Four boldest office designs and how they help employees

Posted by Trevor
April 25, 2014 in Features

Some innovative and inspiring offices have been created in recent years, providing pleasant and uplifting environments for those who work in them. Big companies in particular, such as Apple and Google, have really pushed the boundaries of office design, in an attempt to produce amazing work spaces that utilise the latest ideas regarding aesthetics and function.

The aim is to increase productivity by ensuring employees are comfortable and happy in their offices while also feeling stimulated enough by their surroundings to get creative juices flowing. Four notable examples of bold office design are described below:

Googleplex, California

The Googleplex is the biggest of the search company’s offices and has a total floor area of 500,000 square feet. The space is designed to provide everything that employees might need to keep them in the best health and spirits, from free cafes to gyms complete with personal trainers.

High ceilings and tall windows allow natural light to flood the interior, creating an uplifting atmosphere. An organic garden and green areas with recreational facilities can be found outside the building and workers are provided with bicycles, so that they can quickly travel around the Googleplex for meetings.

Red Bull, London

The Soho headquarters of Red Bull was constructed out of five former pubs and was deigned to have the comfortable feeling of a living room, making employees feel relaxed and at home while in the office. Couches, TVs and ping pong tables help to create an informal atmosphere and the building’s reception desk transforms into a bar in the evenings, with the area becoming the perfect space to hold events.

Rather than being tied to desks, employees can choose from a variety of casual spaces from where to work, lowering stress levels and increasing the chance that workers will enjoy spending time in the office.

Selgas Cano Architecture, Madrid

This unusual office is located in a wood, with half of the structure buried underground. When sitting at their desks, employees can look straight out into the surrounding treescape, thanks to long windows.

A hinged shutter at the end of the office can be raised to form an awning, giving shade while, at the same time, allowing a flow of air into the interior. Being able to work in such a natural setting provides employees with peaceful area where they can focus, creating a relaxing environment with little stress. It also enables the creation of designs inspired by nature.

Apple Campus 2, California

Apple’s design for its California headquarters resembles a sleek spaceship from the outside, while inside, its smooth lines, white spaces and seamless joins will constantly remind employees of the aesthetics of the firm’s famous products.

A central garden will allow workers to step outside and experience nature, increasing feelings of well-being, and the whole building will be located in an area of fields and orchards when built. The use of 12-metre high, curved-glass panels around the building’s facade will allow for plenty of natural light to enter, which should have a beneficial effect on employees.

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