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Four most important pieces of office furniture

Posted by Trevor
February 21, 2014 in Features

Trends in  office furniture  office furniture come and go but there are a few basic pieces of furniture that almost all offices need in order to function and, whether your office is a small one in the home or a large open plan area with dozens of employees, you will probably find you can’t manage without them. The four most essential items of furniture will enable you to carry out all of the important everyday office tasks and it can be worth thinking ahead when you purchase them, to make sure they are well-built and designed to be as useful in the future as they are now.

1. Desks

In most offices there will be a need to work on a computer for at least part of the day and this will need to be supported either by a desk or a dedicated work station. While some workers will be better off with a multi-purpose desk, with space for paperwork and a phone as well as a computer, others with more specialised jobs, such as data entry, might require an ergonomically set up work station to reduce the risk of fatigue and repetitive stress injuries. In some offices working in a standing position is encouraged for health reasons and, for such environments, special work stations set at standing height are available.

2. Chairs

Although there is a trend towards being less sedentary in the office, most workers tend to work sitting down for at least some of the day and this requires a chair. A huge range of chairs is available for offices, ranging from padded, swivelling models which are highly adjustable to, at the other end of the scale, inflatable balls to encourage ‘active sitting’ and exercise the core muscles. Some futuristic items of furniture combine a chair and work station in one, while some of the latest chairs have cleverly designed wings and hoods with soundproofing to facilitate concentration in the open plan office.

3. Storage units

Until the day arrives when everything in an office can be stored digitally, there will be a need for furniture that can store paperwork. Office supplies, such as printer cartridges and paper clips, also need to be housed somewhere. That is why a suitable storage unit is essential. Furniture that is used for storage comes in a wide variety of shapes, from filing cabinets and cupboards to shelves and lockers, and choosing the right option involves considering the space available and the way in which the unit will be used. Storage walls offer an alternative to freestanding furniture. They provide plenty of space in which to stow items and can also be used as partitions.

4. Tables

The humble table is still an essential for most offices because its flexibility means that is used for events such as meetings and presentations as well as coffee and lunch breaks. In offices where the available space needs to be used in different ways smaller tables can be pushed together when required to make one large surface. For offices where tables are not in constant use it can be beneficial to choose a design that can be folded away when necessary, freeing up more space.

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