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Four tips for maximising warehouse safety

Posted by Marianne
April 16, 2014 in Features

When considering your warehouse from a health and safety point of view, it is better to make sure that everything is in place right from the start.

Ideally, you will choose an experienced and reputable supplier to design your warehouse layout and to install everything that you need. By hiring experts to do the job, you will not only get the perfect warehouse that is ideally suited to your requirements, but also an environment that is safe to work in and that meets all of the relevant health and safety regulations. Here are four important points to bear in mind:

1. Order appropriate warehouse racking

It is vital to build your racking system with the sizes, shapes and weights of the items that are to be stored there being given careful consideration. Products need to fit into the shelving properly to prevent them from falling out. If you are to avoid accidents, your racking needs to be strong enough to bear the heaviest possible weights, while it should also be loaded evenly.

Shelving systems are much more stable and secure if larger loads and heavier items are placed on the lower shelves. This also helps to reduce any lifting required and lowers the chance of injuries to handlers or forklift operators. Warehouse racking should be well-lit and have adequate clearance, so that forklift trucks can operate in safety.

2. Divide warehouse areas safely

Use steel partitions inside your warehouse to separate workers from areas where potentially dangerous, moving machinery is located. It can be all too easy for employees to move within range of a working machine, so, by making this less likely, the risk of accidental injuries should be reduced. As they are robust and resistant to the effects of moisture, steel partitions are also ideal for enclosing spaces where hazardous substances are stored.

3. Make sure your flooring isn’t dangerous

Selecting the right kind of flooring is crucial inside of a warehouse, because some coverings may be hazardous and cause people to slip or trip. The floor surface in a warehouse must be extremely durable to withstand the impact of heavy objects hitting the ground, so materials such as concrete are often used. If a flimsier floor covering is chosen, this could soon become damaged and uneven, making trips and falls more likely. Non-slip  safety flooring  safety flooring, particularly on ramps, is essential, with rubber tiling on top of concrete one way of achieving the required combination of toughness and grip.

4. Consider fire prevention

Fire safety should be considered as an essential part of your warehouse set up, and it can be an excellent plan to install a sprinkler system that is fully integrated with your racking. Other vital pieces of equipment include fire extinguishers, and it is also important to keep up-to-date logs regarding any hazardous substances that may be stored inside your warehouse. All staff should be kept informed about emergency procedures, while any equipment that is intended for use in emergencies should be readily accessible and well-maintained.

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