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Four tips for promoting productivity within a modern factory space

Posted by Trevor
June 16, 2014 in Features

In order to attain the maximum productivity inside your factory, it is best to plan the layout thoroughly before constructing your workspace. If this is not possible because your facility is already up and running, then it makes sense to plan how the existing layout could be rearranged and refurbished for maximum efficiency. The following tips should help to ensure your workplace is a success.

1. When planning, start with general principles and move on to the specifics later

Although it might be tempting to begin your new layout by fixing the position of a favoured piece of equipment or deciding to place your office next to the view you prefer, the fact is that every individual choice in the overall system will impinge on everything else. That’s why it makes more sense to ensure the general principles are in place, such as the flow of people and products through the factory space, before focusing on the details.

2. Consider all of the parts that make up the whole

When thinking about the most efficient and productive layout for your factory, it is vital to include every essential part of the system and assign it a space. For instance, your employees make up a crucial element of the factory and they need spaces for the services that they require, such as toilets and lockers and places to eat and drink, as well as areas for training or relaxing. Another important area, the shipping department of the factory, will need spaces for administration work, packing and labelling, as well as areas for drivers.

3. Consult others

It is always a good move to discuss your plans with others when you are trying to come up with ideas to create a more productive factory setting. Other people will generally approach problems from different angles according to their place within the system, and this can help provide better answers to the challenges you face. While you may have been wondering whether new equipment might help to increase your factory’s efficiency, someone who works in production could take the view that more manpower is needed instead, for example.

4. Always keep flexibility and expansion in mind, and plan accordingly

As it can have a negative impact on productivity if expansion takes place or new departments are added to a factory setup that was designed without the flexibility to cope, it is best to think about what might be needed in the future before deciding on your final layout. If your factory space needs to expand or even contract over time, it could be worth considering purchasing something like  mezzanine flooring  mezzanine flooring, which can be quickly assembled or taken down as required. A mezzanine provides an extra floor, removing administration or storage areas from the main factory space with the minimum disruption to your work flow.

If more activities need to be contained within an existing space,  steel partitioning  steel partitioning could be useful. It can be used to section off parts of a large floor area to separate employees from working machinery, allowing different departments to work safely while in relatively close proximity.

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