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Four top tips to maintain your office floors this winter

Posted by Trevor
November 16, 2014 in Features

Though Britain has enjoyed recent mild weather through the year, winter is most certainly approaching and, as a result, those office floors will need a little more care and attention. An important investment in any workplace,  office flooring  office flooring is an easily forgotten but essential element that these five tips will ensure does not get walked all over when the winter maintenance schedule kicks in.

Start with a deep clean

Scheduling a deep clean after the summer and autumn months just makes sense. Regular cleaning would have gotten rid of the worst, of course, but dried pollen, grass seeds, dust and all other types of grime will still be present in edges and corners. Less heavy cleaning will be needed, but having a fresh start will make ongoing maintenance easier.

In the winter, such deep cleans should be more frequent; how much so depends upon the premises, nature of business, traffic flow, and office flooring design. In the winter, the sheer volume of dirt increases exponentially, perhaps as much as twice or more than in more clement conditions.

Mats the way to do it

The areas of an office floor that carry the most traffic should be protected with mats. This will make the cleaning schedule easier and more straight forward. Today, clever mat design allows food to be brushed from the soles of shoes and trapped, effectively ensuring that the rest of the office flooring benefits.

Naturally, the mats used need to be robust and not present and slip or trip hazards which, as the volume of water increases, could become extremely dangerous. Undertaking a thorough and diligent assessment into the practicality of mats is advisable, but there will be a system that works on every surface.

Refresh, renew and replace

There should already be a good system for the purchase of cleaning tools, but in the winter months, these should again be increased. Ideally, all summer tools that become contaminated or visibly dirty should be replaced, while as they become dirtier, mops, cleaning pads and the like will need to be replaced more often.

More aggressive cleaning fluids will also likely need to be used more. Again, understanding the flooring type will ensure the right fluids and chemicals are used without causing damage or leaving an unsightly, unpleasant or unsafe residue.

Cleaning staff instruction

Whether contracting in commercial cleaning companies or employing staff directly, it is imperative that training is undertaken to ensure that winter cleaning schedules and processes are adequate. Every member of staff should understand their responsibilities, while refresher courses will never go amiss.

For smaller firms, having dedicated employees to carry out the cleaning, perhaps on a rota system, is often a very workable solution. Ensuring that all staff are aware of the dangers and potential risks of office flooring throughout the winter is also an advisable solution.

These are just some sensible tips for winter office floor cleaning, but each individually installed floor will have its own demands. As such, asking the advice of the installer and manufacturer makes sense.

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