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How an office design can make the most of available space

Posted by Mark
April 22, 2014 in Features

Having a smaller office means lower expenses and, even if your business grows, it is almost always cheaper to stay put and refurbish an existing space rather than to relocate.

If you are starting to feel your office is becoming cramped, you might decide to look again at the space that you have, to see if your office can be redesigned. At the same time, it makes sense to reconsider the way that work is carried out, to see if new operating practices could help to make better use of your space.

The working environment

Having newer, more compact technology allows you to get rid of huge desks and to replace them with smaller workstations. Some of these stations will have wheels so that they can be moved around to free up space when required.

Furniture designs have changed, with items such as tables not always being rectangular these days. Sometimes curves will fit into an existing work area better, with the latest  office furniture  office furniture often suited to more than one use, which means the same space can be used for different purposes.

If you have rooms that aren’t in use a lot of the time, such as a large space for conferences, you could consider using movable office partitions to close off the area until you actually have an event. The rest of the time it will act as part of your available office space. Movable partitions can also be used to section off areas of an office for a private meeting, avoiding the need for a separate meeting room.

Effective storage options can free up space

Storing as much paperwork as possible in digital form will help to free up space. This also removes the need for bulky filing cabinets. You can even use vertical space for storage; an entire wall can be sectioned off to form a huge cupboard, for example. Storage areas can be created under desks, using wheeled shelving units. Many unused items sit around in offices taking up space, which can often be discarded.

If there is enough vertical height in your office, you could install  mezzanine flooring  mezzanine flooring, thus creating a whole new working area at an upper level. If there isn’t quite enough height for employees to work in, a mezzanine could instead be used as a storage area, freeing up space below.

More mobility means more flexibility

Your employees may be able to sometimes work at home. This means that not everyone needs to have a desk available all of the time. As technology has become smaller and more portable, staff can more easily be equipped to carry out work on the move. For example, if employees are normally out and about a lot of the time, then being able to share information while on the go removes the need to check into the office quite so often.

The flexible working options made possible by today’s technologies are often preferred by staff if they are well-thought through. Often, this can also free up office space, as work stations become shared between individuals.

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