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How creative should your office design be?

Posted by Marianne
July 28, 2014 in Features

With famous companies such as Apple and Google designing their offices in extremely wacky and imaginative ways, you might wonder just how creative you should be when it comes to designing your own office space. The advantages offered by the bold and unusual office designs associated with companies like Google include the creation of an inspiring workplace, which could make employees feel more positive about going in to the office each day. An equally important benefit is that, when workers feel happy and relaxed inside their workplace they tend to be more productive.

Creative designs must also be practical

However creative you would like your office design to be, it must be practical or you run the risk of no-one actually being able to work inside the space. While the aesthetics of the office might be stunning, if the layout is planned in a way that makes carrying out tasks more difficult and time-consuming then the outcome will not be positive. It is important to think about who will need to use the office and make sure they have appropriate work stations available. There should also be adequate storage options for office equipment, placed in locations that are easy to access when required.

Your design should fit in with your company’s image

Having a youthful, crazy office design is not right for every business and calm, natural spaces are also not going to suit every firm. While a design can be extremely creative, it will ultimately fail if it does not reflect the ethos of your company. So, when planning how your office might look, think about the important aspects of your firm’s personality that really ought to be echoed in the design. Is your business innovative, traditional, green or futuristic? Do the aesthetics of the design seem to suit what your company stands for?

Creativity should not take priority over flexibility

A creative office design should not leave your workplace stuck in a rigid layout with no options for change. If you incorporate features that will allow you to move things around when necessary, you will find that you get much more out of the space than you otherwise would.

 Office furniture  Office furniture that can be used for more than one purpose allows staff to work in different ways according to their needs. Employees might need to occupy quiet spaces at times or take part in noisy discussions at others. Altering the layout of the workspace becomes possible with the use of office partitions, which allow a large area to be freed up if required and smaller spaces to be enclosed for private meetings.

Taking creative input from staff is important

When designing your office, it is crucial to remember that the workers who will be using the space will have their own preferences, and these need to be considered if they are to feel happy in the new interior. Allowing staff to have a say in the final design should ensure the finished workspace is one in which they feel comfortable and enjoy working in. Hopefully, any creative elements that have been introduced will be inspiring and motivating.

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