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How do mezzanines offer flexibility for your warehouse?

Posted by Marianne
March 11, 2014 in Features

Mezzanine floors have one unique advantage, in that they increase the floor space of your warehouse without requiring that you relocate to larger premises.

This, together with the fact that mezzanines are relatively easy to assemble and dismantle, and that they can even be designed specifically to suit the needs of your business, means that they could enable you to accommodate for the changing needs of your company with the minimum of cost and fuss.

 Mezzanine flooring  Mezzanine flooring accommodates growing or fluctuating storage needs

A growing company can find that the expense of moving to a bigger building is prohibitive, and this is where mezzanines can be used to save money in your warehouse. Adding an extra area of flooring, in what might otherwise be an unusable space beneath the roof, is generally much more cost-effective, not to say less disruptive, than relocating.

Some businesses also find that their storage needs change over time, with the necessity for space sometimes becoming greater at some times of the year, yet diminishing during other periods. While it would not make sense to move to a larger warehouse permanently, having the extra storage space afforded by a mezzanine could allow such firms a greater amount of flexibility at minimum expense.

Mezzanine floors have many potential uses

Even though a warehouse is most often associated with a need for storage space, there will be other aspects to running your business that may require accommodation and mezzanines can help with these. For some companies, it might make sense to move administrative areas away from the main warehouse floor and house them above using a mezzanine. Some businesses might lack a kitchen and a mezzanine could provide the vital extra floor space that enables such an area to be created.

In warehouses that are not vertically tall enough to create a mezzanine with enough height for a staffed area, a shallower space could be established for storage, freeing up some of the floor below. This could then allow employees to be accommodated at ground level in an office or working area, where tasks such as packing could take place.

Depending on the needs of your business, you might decide to install single or multi-tier mezzanines. As today’s mezzanines typically consist of ready-made steel parts that only need assembling once inside your warehouse, you should find that the process of constructing the frame and deck is one that takes up little time. That means that there will be very little interruption to the work flow of your company.

 Warehouse flooring  Warehouse flooring that can travel with your firm

If the day arrives when your business has thoroughly outgrown its warehouse, or there is another compelling reason to relocate, you might wonder how you will manage without the convenience of your mezzanine flooring.

Fortunately, mezzanines are flexible enough to travel with your company, as their modular structures make them easy to disassemble, transport and reassemble inside your new premises, thus allowing you to enjoy the usefulness of this type of flooring wherever your business goes.

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