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How office partitioning helps productivity

Posted by Trevor
December 16, 2013 in Features

In any workspace, a worker’s own environment is key to their productivity. It needs to be comfortable and suitable for purpose while offering that delicate balance of privacy and inclusion. The task of creating an office where all members of staff can work confidently and without disruption should not be underestimated and put on the back burner.

There are many ways in which an office environment can be tailored to promote productivity; from design and layout to lighting. The installation of office partitions is another great way to create focused individual areas for workers to get down to business.


Perhaps the most obvious advantage to  office partitioning  office partitioning is the privacy it provides. It is widely-accepted best practice that open plan office design is more conducive to productivity but, if poorly executed, this can cause issues in regards to having your own space for certain elements of work.

For example, when having to make a telephone call, quiet surroundings are usually needed. Despite technological advances, it can still be difficult to hear someone on the other end of the line in a busy environment, causing delays and mistakes; perhaps leading to wasted effort on everyone’s behalf.

Well-designed office partitions can create these sectioned off areas, without cutting off the employee from their work colleagues.


Office partitions are also an excellent way to create the right amount of space that a work area needs. In an office, for example, it is surprising how much space can be freed up with the sensible design of individual workstations.

Cluttered offices, without partitions, can soon become very messy and counterproductive. Partitioned offices rarely have these issues when managed and maintained well; they allow each worker to have control of their own space, with clearly defined boundaries.

The upshot is that when installed correctly by a responsible provider, a partition can help ensure work is not lost or misplaced and work levels are far better kept on top of as a result.

Meeting points

It is not just about creating individual work areas where partitions come into their own, however. There are many different types of office partitions available, including fabric panels, half-height partitions and floor-to-ceiling glass panelling.

These larger partitions are ideal for creating meeting rooms or independent offices for particular groups or personnel within an office. For example, in a contact centre, such areas are ideal for support teams to be based. They are also ideal as conference areas or board rooms, allowing separation which is also inclusive of the larger environment.

Well planned and well installed, screens or panels can provide small or large areas that help staff to work in the most productive way.

No matter which type of partitioning is chosen, it will be affordable, quick, and easy to install. The process can be completed in a weekend in most instances and the process will not disrupt day-to-day operations. For businesses that really need to work well together, there are few practical solutions as effective as partitions.

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