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How suspended ceilings can enhance a working environment

Posted by Mark
February 13, 2014 in Features

 Suspended ceiling systems  Suspended ceiling systems have been increasing in popularity in recent years, but not everyone is aware of the benefits they offer. A suspended ceiling is essentially an extra ceiling installed at a lower level than the original, typically by means of a metal grid that hangs from the old ceiling. New ceiling tiles are inserted into the grid to create a lower suspended, or dropped ceiling.  Suspended ceilings  Suspended ceilings are usually installed in industrial or commercial buildings with high ceilings, as well as schools and hospitals. With the latter, tiles with anti-microbial coatings are popular while tiles that resist humidity may be used in moist areas such as kitchens.

Suspended ceilings offer many visual advantages

One of the main selling points of a suspended ceiling is that it can conceal many things that would otherwise appear quite unsightly. Such features can include electrical cables, plumbing, areas of water damage and air conditioning ducts. In some cases, they can be used to create a level ceiling in a building where roof heights vary. As well as hiding unstylish features such as wires, a suspended ceiling ensures that these vital items remain easy to access when required, simply by removing tiles. This makes repairs and maintenance much easier than they would be if the cables were hidden behind plasterboard. It can also be simpler to install air conditioning and similar systems with a suspended ceiling already in place.

It is possible to use a suspended ceiling to promote the spread of reflected light across an interior, using reflective or mirrored tiles. This makes the space look larger and brighter and simultaneously reduces the amount of money spent on lighting costs. Suspended ceilings can also be used with fluorescent lighting that is specially designed to fit into the ceiling system. Should it be desired, the tiles are usually easy to decorate using latex paints. Alternatively, they are available in a range of colours and textures, shapes and finishes that will enhance most interiors.

Everything sounds better under a suspended ceiling

A suspended ceiling will usually reduce noise travelling from the floor above, which can help to make the working environment more pleasant. If extra soundproofing is required then special tiles are available for this purpose. For added effect, it is possible to place insulation in the space directly above the suspended ceiling to further reduce the amount of noise passing into the work space.

Suspended ceilings can not only control sound, but also temperature. As the new ceiling is lower this means that less space needs to be heated in the working environment, leading to less costly energy bills and reduced carbon emissions. For increased energy efficiency, thermal insulation can also be inserted into the ceiling cavity. Although all suspended ceiling tiles should meet fire safety regulations some can protect against fire by forming a fire break. Special fire-resistant tiles can be obtained that will prevent the spread of fire for up to an hour, and a layer of fire-resistant insulation can also be placed above the suspended ceiling.

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