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How the type of office furniture you use makes all the difference

Posted by Mark
March 17, 2014 in Features

When choosing the right  office furniture  office furniture for your business, it can be a mistake to plump for the cheapest options. Instead, thinking about how each item of furniture will be used and how it can enhance the productivity of your company, both now and into the future, is more likely to guide you towards making the wisest choice.

Comfort is hugely important and investing in furniture that will prevent your employees from suffering unnecessary stresses and strains will pay off in the long run, in terms of reduced time off as well as increased productivity. The visual appeal of furniture should also not be underestimated, as it will affect morale, although the most beautiful office furniture also needs to be usable and practical.

Chairs should ensure workers are sitting comfortable

One of the most important items of office furniture is the chair, particularly since most office employees spend the largest part of their day in a seated position. Chairs that have been designed ergonomically will enable staff to work while maintaining a correct posture, which should prevent neck strain and back problems.

As not all staff members will be the same size and shape, having chairs that can be adjusted is vital. This will allow workers to change the height and angle of their seating so that it suits their needs perfectly.

The importance of desks

Desks are just as crucial as chairs when it comes to working in comfort, with a work surface at the wrong height meaning that an employee’s computer monitor and keyboard are also incorrectly positioned, possibly leading to eye strain or wrist ache. The distance between the keyboard, the mouse and the user is also critical, and any desks chosen should allow workers to sit neither too near nor too far from the tools they are using. A small, cramped work surface should be avoided, as it will be difficult for workers to use without being obstructed by items such as paperwork.

Meeting tables should be big enough for all, enabling every member of the office to gather around during discussions. Anything less will lead to some employees feeling excluded and not as inclined to participate in the conversation, or even becoming disengaged and obviously bored, which could prove distracting to colleagues. Having a large enough table is more likely to encourage feelings of belonging to the group, encouraging collaboration and improving morale.

Avoid storing up trouble by choosing the best office furniture

Having adequate storage space is extremely important in the office and it is also crucial to have a storage system that is easy to use. This will make the business better organised and more efficient. Items of furniture such as filing cabinets and storage cupboards need to be durable, well-designed and, preferably, appealing to look at. In some offices it might be useful to convert an entire wall into a storage area, by partitioning it off from ceiling to floor and installing cupboards, drawers and shelves. A carefully planned storage system can help employees to find the items that they need more quickly, leading to an increase in the productivity of your firm.

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