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How to choose the right office furniture

Posted by Marianne
December 28, 2013 in Features

There are many things that go towards making an office a successful place to do business; from the lighting and layout to the people that work there. One of the most important components, however, is the furniture. This includes everything in the desk areas and the break-out zones.

Indeed, for many businesses, the look and feel of the furniture is a key identifier. Many firms in the creative business sector will ensure they have ultra-trendy and modern designs. For local authorities and other organisations, a more low-level approach may be needed.

Whatever the available budget, and whichever look is being aimed for, there are certain elements that can be put to good use by everyone.

Budgeting for business

Whilst high quality, productive and happy offices can be delivered to any budget, knowing what cash is available is essential before looking at furniture. There is a glittering array of designs, functions, styles, types, and materials available, and an  office fit out  office fit out firm can help guide you through if help is needed.

Naturally, setting aside as much cash as possible for the  office furniture  office furniture would be ideal but you should never stretch resources. It is also worth having a contingency fund in place, to allow for any fluctuations in prices, though agreeing a set cost with a provider can work too.

Furnishing for staff

Often, one of the biggest mistakes that business owners and office managers make when refurbishing an office and installing new furniture is not consulting with staff. They are the people who have to work with and use the furniture after all, so asking their opinion makes sense.

It is also vitally necessary in many respects, particularly in regards to health and safety. The largely sedentary positions which many office workers hold can easily create certain stresses on joints and the back. Understanding what expense is needed to meet these requirements is important.

Take a seat

Mindful of the health and safety issue, the most important pieces of furniture in an office will be the chairs. These are where staff spend the vast majority of their time throughout the week. As such, they need to be comfortable and offer the correct sitting positions while enhancing posture and providing an area without distractions.

Desk jobs

Next in line in regards to furnishing importance is probably the desk. These too need to be ergonomically created to deliver the best comfort to staff. They also need to be sensibly designed, allowing the arms of the chair to slot underneath and not get in the way. Understanding whether staff are left or right handed is also important here, to ensure they sit naturally when typing.

These are a selection of the most important considerations that business owners need to have in mind when selecting office furniture. However, there are others. The lighting is important, for example, whilst measuring the space available will also help you decide which items of furniture are suitable. For the best results, professional advice can be invaluable.

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