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How to create a modern aesthetic with office partitioning

Posted by Trevor
March 15, 2014 in Features

As the modern office tends to be more of an open-plan space, rather than a series of small, stuffy rooms, partitions have come to the fore as an important feature used by interior designers.

Where a degree of privacy needs to be introduced, or individual areas of a workspace require being enclosed to some extent, while still retaining an overall space that is as large and bright as possible, office partitions offer a fairly simple and cost-effective solution. They can help to create an ideal working environment with a modern feel.

The modern office is filled with natural light

Unlike solid walls, which prevent light from spilling across a space, partitions with glazing can separate different areas of the office while allowing for as much brightness as possible.

This use of natural light is essential in many modern office designs and there are partitions available that will fit this need. Frameless glass partitions can be installed, which can be double or single glazed, and these will also add some soundproofing to the areas they enclose.

Flexibility is vital in the modern office

Partitions that are either half glazed or fully glazed can, with the addition of blinds, create extremely private enclosures when necessary. This can bring great flexibility to an office interior, allowing the space to be open and bright the majority of the time, but making it possible to set up visual barriers when required. Blinds may also be needed for practical purposes, such as when strong sunlight affects employees’ viewing of computer monitors.

Movable partitions, which may fold up, slide back or swing aside, can also create a flexible office environment. They allow for the same space to be divided in different ways according to the immediate needs of the company. These types of movable, or operable, partitions can also enhance the appearance of the office space.

Demountable partitions are lightweight, movable options that can be shifted to different locations quite easily, allowing the office to be rearranged to fit around the needs of workers. These can also allow for the creation of a large, open, contemporary interior that can be separated into smaller areas when required.

A safe yet attractive option

When full-height, glazed partitions are used to divide an office, there is always the risk that employees may not see them in certain lighting conditions. To prevent accidents, manifestation film is often used. This material is available in a variety of decorative options, including some that appear tinted or frosted, and can really enhance the look of glass partitions, adding to the contemporary, stylish feel of the office interior.

Glazed partitions allow workers to see one another throughout the office, and this can increase the tendency to collaborate. At the same time, distractions are reduced due to the soundproofing effect of the dividers. This can be important in a noisy office, as it allows quieter areas to be created through  office partitioning  office partitioning, while still retaining an overall feeling of spaciousness.

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