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How to lay out your office furniture

Posted by Marianne
August 20, 2013 in Features

How you choose to lay out your  office furniture  office furniture is essential. It potentially boosts productivity and employee wellbeing, as well as reducing office spend. Conversely, poorly laid out offices can see workers become bored, lazy, disinterested and frustrated. Essentially, there is much to be said about where you place things.

However, it is not quite an exact science; how one layout works well for one office may not be able to be replicated in another, seemingly similar place. As such, staff consultation, working with professional fit-out teams and maybe trying a few things out before deciding on an approach could work well. These tips could also help.

Measuring up

Before you can start to think about how to lay out your office furniture, you need to understand just how much space you have to work with. Often, offices can seem far smaller than they really are, and understanding just how much space is available allows you to properly configure a work area.

Measuring up, again

Having understood how much space the office provides, understanding the size of your office furniture is important. As well as desks and chairs, it is also important to measure other items such as printers, filing cabinets, shelving units and so forth.

Defining space

The next step is to design the floor space into separate areas. An office is a multi-use space, requiring areas for work and for breaks. Often, incorporating  office partitioning  office partitioning is a great way to define different areas of an office, including setting space for storage.

When designing the different areas of an office though, it is important to ensure that break areas are not near to working areas. Having constant traffic past desks can decrease productivity and focus alarmingly.


The latest best practices in office furniture layout suggest that the clustering of desks is far more preferable to other options. Traditional lines of cubicles and regimented furniture placement can be counterproductive and sterile. Clustering helps invigorate teams, improves collaboration and gives a fresher feel.

However, it is important to ensure that adequate space is given to each worker. This includes setting each piece of furniture well apart to deliver enough space. Office chairs, for example, should not be inhibited. There should be enough space for chairs to be pushed away from the desks without hitting any other objects.

Space for machines

An important aspect of office furniture layout is where to place the printers, shredding machines and so on. Having dedicated spaces for these ideally central to the whole office makes sense. It also promotes paper free offices if each cluster does not have its own printer and uses a networked machine.

These are just some ideas on how to get the right layout for your office furniture, but there are many other approaches. Taking the time to draw up plans makes sense, whilst using computer modelling can really help you understand the flow better. Working with a professional provider of systems can deliver the best solution for you and your staff.

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