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How workers can benefit from office partitions

Posted by Marianne
February 17, 2014 in Features

Office partitions come in a variety of forms, all of which offer different benefits for office workers, but there are some general advantages that partitions will provide. Perhaps most importantly, as far as the individual worker is concerned,  office partitioning  office partitioning can be used to give people a small space that belongs to them alone, where they can store items and arrange the appearance of their space to suit their preferences. The feeling of privacy engendered by a partitioned-off space makes workers feel more relaxed and self-confident as well as encouraging them to feel valued by their employer, because they have been deemed valuable enough to have their own distinct area of the office.

Partitions can promote health and productivity

Where partitions are used to give workers their own space a number of health advantages come into play. Having a work space that is set up perfectly for the individual worker, with everything ergonomically adjusted, means there is a reduced risk of problems resulting from poorly positioned chairs, desks and screens. Using partitions to install LED lighting for each workspace can be more effective – as well as more economical – than relying on general overhead light sources, and should reduce the risk of eye strain.

Partitions can be used to make an office more organised because they define areas that will be associated with specific activities. It is easier to focus on work in a space which is separated from the rest of the office, and this can increase productivity. Distractions are likely to be reduced because partitions cut off the sight and sound of what is going on elsewhere. Of course, how much of the wider office space is shut out depends on what types of partitions are used.

Different partitions offer different benefits

A variety of partitions is available, including solid metal stud partitions, which can be completely solid, or have areas of glazing occupying half or all of the height. These can offer a barrier against fire, lasting up to two hours depending on exactly how they have been constructed, and this can make the office environment safer for workers. Blinds can be added to glazed areas enabling workers to have more privacy or to control the amount of light when required.

Frameless glass partitions can be single or double glazed and have the advantage of offering workers some privacy while allowing light to pass through the office space. Manifestation film can be applied to these to ensure areas of glazing are clearly seen, keeping workers safe.

Demountable partitions are lightweight and designed to be moved to a different location when needed, which can allow the design of the workspace to be changed so that it is more suitable for workers. They can be solid, fully glazed or half glazed.

Partitions with soundproofing may be rated to reduce sound by up to 50 decibels depending on how they are built. Partitions that have cavity infill will be more effective as sound barriers and this can be extremely helpful for workers who need to concentrate or take calls without distractions.

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