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Keeping office flooring safe

Posted by Trevor
August 25, 2013 in Features

We may not think of it all the time, but  office flooring  office flooring is perhaps the most important part of an office – other than the staff members that work on it. However easily forgotten, it can soon become an area where health and safety practices go out of the window. By taking a few sensible steps though, it is possible to keep office flooring safe.

Keep things clean

Offices are busy areas, with people constantly moving about and with their minds focused on the job in hand. As such, few will spend time looking at the floor. However, mistakes happen and, from time to time, drinks are spilled and food is dropped, which can create hazards.

Ideally of course, food should be consumed in specified areas of an office only, preferably in a kitchen or break area. In relaxed areas, people are likely to notice spills more easily and they can be quickly cleared.

However, wherever a spill happens, it should be reported immediately and cleaned up as quickly as possible. Until this can happen, someone should stand by the area and warn workers of the hazard. When cleaning and after cleaning, appropriate signs should be displayed for all to see.

Keep things tidy

As much as cleaning up after mishaps is important, so too is keeping office floors tidy. It is all too easy for an office to become untidy, with so much potential for mess. A commonly spotted problem in offices are trailing wires, for example. These should be checked for on a regular basis and resolved immediately.

Another common problem is paper dropping onto the floor. On the face of it, this may seem trivial. However, anyone that has stepped on an unsuspecting piece of paper on a floor knows that it can easily cause a slip.

Similarly, large stacks of paper left on the floor are trip hazards and should be removed at the earliest opportunity. Ideally, unless being worked on, they should be stored under or on a table too. In much the same way, boxes and other equipment should be placed off the floor at all times.

Maintenance is key

A safe office floor is a well-maintained office floor, as the points above highlight. However, it is also important that the flooring be cleaned and tidied every evening. It is also important that rips, tears and other damage be attended to quickly.

Rugs and mats are also potential hazards of course, which – together with pieces of lifting carpet or carpet tiles – can cause serious injury if tripped over or slipped on. To promote the best health and safety in an office, any damage should be reported as soon as it is spotted, fixed as soon as possible and completely resolved at the earliest opportunity.

A good office layout is also key to keeping office flooring safe for use. As such, talking with a professional company in the industry can help make flooring a good deal safer. It is also important to ensure that all members of staff and visitors are aware of the importance of office flooring safety.

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