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Making the most of office space

Posted by Mark
August 17, 2013 in Features

For all businesses, no matter their size or position in the market, optimising the use of office space is essential. For most firms, it is the biggest expense after salaries. As such, working out how best to use the space available simply makes sense, can help improve productivity and contributes hugely to that all-important bottom line.

Working with a professional office-fit out company is a great way to design an office to work to its optimum level. However, there are certain basic steps you can take too. These tips should help you make a start on things.

Monitor desk use

Simply walking around an office regularly can reveal just how desks are used. It does not take long either. Just taking a five or 10 minute stroll around the office a couple of times a day through the course of a week can show how desks, meeting rooms and other space is being used.

Flexible working

Increasingly, hot-desking and working from home are being seen as preferable to many firms. In some environments, this approach can save thousands of pounds a year. It is also worth looking at the use of private office space, which could be draining valuable space away from the office.

Storing up problems

Storage space is a constant problem for offices throughout the country, and can drain an office of valuable space for personnel and equipment. It is well worth looking at options such as  office partitioning  office partitioning or, if dead air space allows, the installation of a mezzanine floor.


Very often, particularly on a desk walk, you will notice that people’s desks are full of clutter. This can include reams of paper and pens, cups and glasses, photo frames and other mementoes.

It all reduces the option for desk sharing and can lead to overspill into other work areas. Having a clean desk policy can help here. With the introduction of office partitions, those who want to hang personal photos can be well looked after too.

Time and space out

Break out zones have been something of a revelation over recent years, offering valuable space for staff to sit and gather their thoughts away from the computer. Ideal areas for working on mobile devices too, it is a surprisingly effective use of space often understandably neglected such as wider thoroughfares and alcoves.


Natural light is an important aspect in the modern workplace, and is hugely conducive to boosting productivity and well-being. Whilst new windows may not be able to be installed, the use of mirrors and glass partitions, aided by bright colours throughout the office, can have a tremendous positive effect.

These are just some of the best tips to really maximise your office space, but working with professionals in the business will certainly help. However, perhaps more than this even, it is well worth engaging with your staff. The opinions of the workers are key and, they will likely have a good deal of suggestions that you will never think of yourself.

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