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Mezzanine floors; making traditional space more modern

Posted by Trevor
February 15, 2014 in Features

 Mezzanine flooring  Mezzanine flooring offers an ingenious way to convert high-ceilinged traditional interiors into more usable spaces. The term mezzanine comes from ‘mezzano’, an Italian word that means ‘middle’. This is quite appropriate because a mezzanine floor could be described as being a ‘middle floor’, essentially providing an extra storey. Modern mezzanine floors tend to be freestanding constructions, consisting of a frame with a deck on top. They provide extra usable space in industrial and commercial buildings, and sometimes in private homes as well. Where there is not enough room in a roof to construct a mezzanine work space, there may sometimes be enough height to create a mezzanine purely for storage, which can free up space below.

Mezzanine flooring has many advantages

There are a lot of positive aspects associated with mezzanine floors, and one huge benefit is that they create more space for a business without the need to relocate to larger premises. Installing a mezzanine floor is often a cost-effective option, because it is much more affordable than moving to a larger building, with the associated increases in rates, rent and energy bills that would entail. This can be ideal for a rapidly growing business or a warehouse in which extra storage space is needed urgently. In warehouses, mezzanines can be used to create storage space directly, or they may provide an additional area for offices, thus freeing up the main storage area.

Relocation is often highly disruptive, so staying put and effectively increasing the size of the building the business is already using can be incredibly convenient. As a mezzanine floor is relatively quick to install, its construction will cause very little upheaval in the working environment. Modern mezzanine flooring tends to be built using steel components which are prefabricated so that once on site, they only need to be assembled – a process which can be carried out swiftly and smoothly. When it is finally the right time for a business to relocate, any mezzanine flooring it has invested in can be dismantled and rebuilt in the new premises if required.

Mezzanine floors are a visually appealing option

Today’s mezzanine floors look extremely modern and stylish, and there are a range of options available to suit most buildings. The flexibility of mezzanine flooring means that it is usually possible to design the perfect system to suit the needs of an individual business. When a futuristic mezzanine floor is added to an older interior it can make quite a design statement, providing a pleasing visual contrast between modern and traditional and, as the whole height of the interior is being used, it can show the entire space in a new light.

Depending on the height available, a business can choose to have single tier or multi-tier mezzanines. At the other end of the scale, a mezzanine that occupies even a small area can be useful, as it could provide a space for staff breaks, perhaps containing a lounge, library or coffee shop. Many retail businesses make use of mezzanine flooring, often incorporating staircases with glass panels and using the extra floor space to increase the size of their stores, adding more to the customer experience.

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