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Office partitions: bringing the workplace together

Posted by Mark
November 14, 2014 in Features

Open-plan offices are very de rigueur today, helping collaboration and teamwork – whether in a creative setting or in a more structured environment. As much as the spaciousness creates a more productive environment, however, there is always a need for defined areas and spaces, and it is here that office partitions come in.

Whether they are glass partitions or steel partitions, set up between individual workstations or standing as solid block partitions to create boardrooms and meeting areas, they have just as important a part to play as an open and fluid workspace.

There are other reasons why office partitions are important.

Flexible solutions

Office partitions come in many forms, from glass and steel to wood and fabrics. Tailored to perfectly meet the space and the requirement, firms are able to use a mixture of types, or simply keep one constant theme throughout their workspaces.

Glass is increasingly popular for firms, with many of the leading office fit-outs working these into their design. The reason for the trend is perfectly simple to understand; it retains the open-plan, spacious and light nature of an office, while also delivering privacy, defined operational and activity areas, and both form and function.

The flexibility goes a good deal further than the materials used. There is an extensive array of  office partitioning  office partitioning that is able to be quickly, simply and effectively moved as demand dictates, for example. From creating hot desk areas that adapt to seasonal or operational demands, to creating permanent desks for new starters, they can be in place within minutes.

Durable solutions

Despite their ability to be moved around easily, the modern structure of partitions for offices ensures they are durable, robust and resilient. Solidly framed, there is a myriad of materials from which they can be engineered. This allows them to work in any office environment, from a professional services setting to a facility that experiences a little more traffic.

Affordable solutions

While flexibility and resilience are two important considerations for office space, so too is its cost effectiveness. Here, office partitions excel. Right off the bat they are affordable and, if the consideration is to look for a new office space, the sums just make more sense to use office partitions. Often, such a decision proves to be the better course of action.

The reasons for its affordability are, of course, many. The fabric of the building does not need to be altered in any way, while any other structural re-modelling is also minimal to non-existent, depending on the project. Certainly, it is not disruptive. Future costs are also minimal, with any alterations and additions easily worked into the initial partitioning structures.

Offices have always been changing as work environments, adapting to trends, markets, business needs, and societal changes. Office partitions make this fluidity more coherent, help to drive down costs, and optimise the effectiveness of company performances.

Also helping an office to remain modern and in keeping with modern design practices, office partitions have been something of a revolution for countless businesses. A marked move away from the standard, plain, basic and bland office environments of the past, partitions are helping to bring workspace and individuals together in a way not seen before.

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