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Safety Flooring

Slips and falls are far too common causes of injury with the main reason being a lack of safety precautions taken when the flooring was installed.  Safety flooring  Safety flooring refers to the range of secure flooring options available. Companies apply flooring solutions for testing purposes in order to gauge how efficient they would be in preventing any such accidents. Safety flooring is particularly applicable for school, hospitals, bathrooms and kitchens. It is also required in the workplace to ensure that employees are protected against injury.

One of the most common methods to secure floors with safety flooring is to install slip resistant panels and sheets. Slip resistance is a feature attributed to modern flooring solutions. This can be an additional advantage to safety flooring if you have warm floors and kids running around barefoot. Adequate safety is provided by carpeted floors, but alternative flooring options are becoming more popular with an emphasis on easier maintenance and repair, if needed. Carpets are still preferred in areas with few people as there is little maintenance required.

There are some types of flooring that are inherently slip resistant where additional materials are not needed to make them secure. Modern safety flooring options are linoleum or rubber and vinyl, but any floor can be made secure with products such as non-slip floor coatings and rubber shoes. Some of these products are designed specifically for walkways and aisles while others are made especially for wet areas. Offices have safety floor mats as an option and these have the advantage of being anti-fatigue.

Self adhesive tape rolls, which are both durable and simple to apply, are also used in safety flooring. Workers need to be made aware of safety hazards in some areas and highly visible anti-slip tapes are also available. For metal or concrete floors, solid colour tapes and tape rolls can be used or for swimming pools and shower areas, there are suitable mats and anti-slip tapes.

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