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Six essential aspects of the perfect break room

Posted by Trevor
April 10, 2014 in Features

When planning your break room, it can make a huge difference if you take the extra time required to create a space that’s as near to perfect as possible for your needs.

Although the advantages associated with taking enjoyable breaks may not be immediately obvious, some large and extremely successful companies like Google have realised that having happy employees is very beneficial for a firm’s future.

If your staff know that they can step away from their work and really relax, enjoying their time in a well-designed break room, this can lead to a big boost in morale and greater productivity when they return to their desks. Six crucial aspects can help to make your break room work:

1. Location and size

Your break room should be fairly central so that, wherever they are in the building, your employees will find it is easily accessible. If you chose an area that has a lot of natural light then this will help to create a pleasant and relaxing feel. It will be more beneficial if the break room is large enough for a big group to use, as this encourages workers to interact and collaborate, which can lead to the generation of useful ideas.

2. Employee input

As the break room is going to be used mostly by your employees, they are the people who should have the first say regarding what they would like. It is important to ask your staff what their priorities are when it comes to taking time out. What kinds of furniture and colour choices do they prefer, if any, and what would they like to see inside the room in terms of facilities or supplies?

3. Comfort

No-one is likely to use a break room that is sterile and uncomfortable, with harsh lighting, stark white walls and hard plastic seats. Instead, consider providing your staff with relaxing, well-padded couches and useful tables. Cleanliness is vital, as it is difficult to unwind when sitting in dirty, unkempt surroundings. Make sure that cleaning duties are shared between staff or hire someone to keep it all neat and pristine.

4. Fun

When they’re away from work, people like to enjoy their breaks and let their hair down a little, so your room could contain popular video games or old-fashioned favourites, such as ping pong or pool. Playing games is also a way to foster better relationships and collaboration between employees.

5. Refreshments

Most break rooms will offer a kitchen area where employees can prepare food and drinks, and it is even better if the necessary supplies are there already, provided by the business. Bigger firms can offer a cafe-style area with a chef and, if delicious food is regularly served, employees will be certain to relish their breaks.

6. Flexibility

Whatever kind of break room you design, it is important to allow individuals to have the kind of break that they prefer. This could mean creating some quieter areas in a room that contains people playing noisy games through the use of office partitions. Some companies take this a step further and provide rooms where staff can even take a nap.

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