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Mezzanine Floors in the South East

At Spacelink, we incorporate our 25 years of experience with new and innovative designs that makes us one of the best around, with mezzanine floors in South East England being one of our specialities. As we have been around for such a long time, we have gained a wealth of experience and developed an expert knowledge of the fields to which we apply ourselves. In this time, we have attracted a solid customer base that has seen the quality we deliver first-hand.

With you each step of the way

One of our specialities is mezzanine floors, with South East-based companies often seeking our help. We combine a detailed design process with a quality build that can see your office or warehouse space transformed. Depending on the size of the space, we aim to complete all projects within four to six weeks of them commencing.

The perfect alternative to relocation

When businesses become more successful, they grow and expand with many requiring more space to work with; some companies therefore opt to change their premises. However, this can be an expensive job and therefore, many consider installing mezzanine floors (particularly in the South East where land space is at a premium) as an alternative to moving. The installation of a mezzanine floor can allow businesses to create more space within their offices or warehouse. This can then be used for multiple purposes, including additional offices or storage space.

Practical designs

The design of these structures means that the current working space is not compromised, meaning that you can utilise each bit of space available. Spacelink’s designers can offer companies pallet gates that slide and fold away, freeing up extra space in the building. We understand that businesses need to utilise as much space as possible in order to remain productive and fully operational, and we can even install conveyors and goods lifts to aid access to a new multi-dimensional and stylish office space.

Reliable service

Spacelink provides mezzanine floors to the South East, but we can offer our services nationwide. Once you have decided to begin your project with Spacelink, our team of highly skilled and fully qualified engineers will survey the area and advise you on what they believe to be the best move for your business, whether that is a small storage floor, or a multi-tier mezzanine structure. All areas are covered and this includes inspection and maintenance. We pride ourselves on the standards we deliver and we will send a team of approved inspectors to process the job to ensure that they are safe and fit for use. Once the project has met current building regulations, you will be issued with a final certificate detailing that the all inspections have been passed.

Spacelink offers a professional and quality service that provides mezzanine floors in the South East at a competitive price. If you feel that our level of experience is the perfect fit for the task at hand, why not give our team a call and get the ball rolling on the creation of new office or warehouse space?