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Steel Partitioning

 Steel partitioning  Steel partitioning allows your workplace to be divided without having to resort to traditional systems, such as block-built or stud and board.

Steel partitioning sections can be factory-made and painted in your chosen colour. They are delivered, ready-made, to your workplace and are attached to existing steel and industrial partitioning wall panels in your building. It is a simple and quick process, causing a minimum amount of disturbance to your workflow, leaving your office looking far more attractive.

Industrial steel partitioning not only comes with a high degree of flexibility but also offers numerous other benefits. They can be painted in line with your company colours, for example, and are able to cover sections of roofing with ceiling spans longer than 7m. They are also strong and difficult to damage and can separate buildings over 10m.

‘Single skinned steel partitioning’ is cost-effective and it comes with a high level of adaptability and strength. It is ideal when a company needs to create a secure perimeter due to its robust frame. Multi-tiered panels are also available, so the system is demountable, ideal for a dynamic workspace.

‘Double skinned steel partitioning’, also known as factory steel partitioning, is visually appealing in offices. There is also the option to add on noise reduction. Another option is a complete range of tiled  suspended ceilings  suspended ceilings. Tiles are available in a range of styles and textures and can be economically friendly with regards to management of space.

Mesh steel partitioning is perfect for the dividing of storage areas or even to create secure storage which is useful for goods of high value or which are considered to be hazardous.

Free standing and movable industrial steel partitioning systems are designed for the separation of welding areas as well as shielding areas within a factory. Standard black vision panel and solid steel partitions are both options. Vision panels are offered in the form of polycarbonated, toughened or laminated glass. You also have the option of having them fitted with a UV filter that greatly reduces the amount of harmful light which transfers through the gas.