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Supermarket wars on mezzanine floors

Posted by Marianne
November 25, 2011 in Community

Supermarkets are constantly looking to gain an advantage over the competition and now two of the U.K.’s largest supermarket chains have come up with the same plan. As part of improvements designed to expand the retail area available, both Tesco and Sainsbury’s have increased the floor space by installing  mezzanine flooring  mezzanine flooring in an existing store and using the new mezzanine floors to house their in-store cafés.

Tesco in Watford will be unveiling its revamped store on November 21st while Sainsbury’s in Stroud will throw open its doors again to shoppers on November 23rd, following a major refurbishment.

The Tesco Superstore in Watford will be re-opening as a Tesco Extra, after work to expand the retail space by an extra 1,600 square metres, which will accommodate a wider choice of clothing and electrical goods. With Christmas fast approaching, a large section of the new space will be given over to toys, while the café has been designed on the newly constructed mezzanine floor.

The improvements to Sainsbury’s store in Stroud are on a larger scale, with the retail area expanding by approximately 4,000 square metres and a hundred new jobs being created as a result. The complete refurbishment at the Dudbridge store will create a new pharmacy, new fresh fish and meat counters, curry and pizza bars and a new delicatessen. A much larger café has been created on the newly installed mezzanine floor to accommodate the extra shoppers expected to be attracted by the wider choice of goods and services.

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