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Office Partitions in Surrey

When it comes to considering and planning the design or refitting of a sizeable office environment, there is so much to consider. It is a space where a number of employees spend most of their day, so even the small details take on a degree of importance. Selecting the appropriate paint colour for the walls as well as the appropriate style of carpet or the right window dressing can make a huge impact on the space, in addition to more personal choices such as design and chairs. Among the most overlooked and but necessary aspects of an office are partitions.  Office partitions in Surrey  Office partitions in Surrey are used by a variety of businesses and are typically erected between one cubicle and another, providing privacy and personal space to workers. They are integral to the professional appearance of the space and add to the productivity of the office environment.

There are office partitions in Surrey available in a number of shapes, styles and sizes, as well as a wide range of materials. Some of the more popular materials used are plasterboard, light wood, cloth and glass-covered foam. The material you choose should be suitable for the décor and layout of your office. If you wish to make the most of the natural direction of light, glass partitions would be a good choice. However, should you wish to rearrange the layout of your office and relocate your partitions on a regular basis, you should opt for a more durable material such as plasterboard or wood. If you intend to expand your office at some point, you can choose a partition with increased mobility. Light materials or wheeled partitions are easy to reposition and will offer convenience when changes are made to the layout of a large office.

It is also vital to take the partition’s height into account. While numerous materials and colours are available when selecting office partitions in Surrey, there are three heights to choose from. Half height partitions are typically associated with office floors. They provide workers with a private workspace when seated but they are not excluded fully from the office floor area. Office partitions in Surrey therefore enable ease of communication. If, however, you need the environment to be quieter, then a full height partition will be more appropriate. An accordion style partition is another option; they look like full height partitions but fold out in the style of a concertina, which allows for simple and stylish access from one space to the next. They offer additional mobility over full height partitions while maintaining a degree of privacy.