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The advantages of mezzanine flooring

Posted by Mark
August 9, 2013 in Features

A mezzanine floor is a facility used by many businesses in the UK today. A raised platform which is supported by steel columns, it is completely independent of the building in which it sits, but it is a coherent addition when delivered by a professional team. There are many advantages to  mezzanine flooring  mezzanine flooring, arising from creating usable space in otherwise dead areas.

The number of uses to which a mezzanine floor can be put is vast – from increasing storage space to providing a more flexible work area. However, perhaps the most obvious benefit to mezzanine flooring is the cost-effectiveness. Put simply it, allows firms to utilise their available space far less expensively than other options.

Using mezzanine flooring for storage

Many firms find the perfect use for their mezzanine flooring is as storage space – whether this is for office equipment that is presently surplus to requirement, a holding area for goods and products or just general storage.

With high quality steel used in the construction of the flooring and the pillars supporting it, heavy goods can be stored with ease. More than this though, by uplifting storage space above the normal working areas, storing items no longer impinges on daily operations.

Mezzanine floors – a quick and cost-effective option

The cost of installing mezzanine flooring is relatively low, while the installation process itself can be done in just a few days, depending on the size of the project. This makes it even more convenient and inexpensive an option.

The speed that floors can be installed also allows the cost and time element to be maximised. Workplaces are not out of commission as long either, so operational activity is not disrupted.

A growing business needs to expand in every way, and this means it needs to operate in a facility suitable for its purpose. However, moving to a new site that has the space is not always practical on cost grounds. It is far more expensive to move to a new building than develop an existing one, in most cases.

More than this, it may not be suitable on a logistical level, while expansion of the building itself may not be possible either. This is yet another benefit of mezzanine flooring. It is essentially an increase in a building’s size, without increasing its footprint.

There are no real limits as to what the size of a mezzanine floor can be. They can be as small as two metres by two metres, for example. Conversely, sizes of 60 metres by 40 metres are not unheard of, while they can also reach a height of six metres or more from ground level.

It is also possible to have tiered floors; sometimes, two or three tiers can be constructed, depending on the air space available. Staircases and lifts can be used for access as is needed by the company, and partitioning can be used to separate space and provide definition as needed.

They are also able to be finished in high quality and resistant coloured powder coating. In essence, the advantages and design of the flooring can be suited to individual needs, to truly deliver the result and give the best advantages all round.

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