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The dos and don’ts of an office fit out

Posted by Trevor
March 27, 2014 in Features

Managing the fitting out of an office can be a daunting prospect, but the whole process can be eased by bearing a few general guidelines in mind:


Consult with experts to create a detailed brief well in advance of the start of your project. This brief should include all of the measurements needed and a timetable, as well as costs. Overheads should be carefully considered to prevent your expenses from increasing way beyond the budget that you have set. Finally, if you do not own your office building, make sure that your landlord is informed about the plans.


Forget to get all of your staff involved, so that they can put their input into the design of the space they will be working in. As the people who will spend the most actually time using the office, they are experts when it comes to planning how the space should be organised. They will know exactly which areas of your current office space works well and those which need re-designing.


Think about ways to increase the space available to you. A fit out is the perfect opportunity to add extra storage options if you are short of these. A storage wall, created by partitioning off the side of a room, can be a useful facility, or you could even add a mezzanine floor in a space with adequate vertical height.


Fail to ensure that your IT requirements are part of your plan, rather than an add-on. Integrating your electricity supply and computer network into your overall design, so that they fit seamlessly into your new office, is a much better way to go about things than trying to slot them into a finished layout.


Think carefully about the use of partitions, as they will allow you to retain the feel of a larger space, with all of its increased light and airiness, while giving you the option to divide your office into smaller areas when needed. These smaller spaces will encourage a more organised work flow, as well as providing some degree of privacy and soundproofing for staff.


Forget that safety is extremely important. You will need to consider fire risks as well as hazards, such as slippy floors and the visibility of glass partitions.  Safety flooring  Safety flooring should be used in areas where liquids might be spilled. These vinyl floor coverings have special grippy textures to reduce the risk of a fall. Partitions can be obtained that have fireproof properties and manifestation film can be added to glazed partitions to ensure they are visible to workers.


Incorporate lighting into your initial design. Your office plan should consider natural, as well as artificial, lighting sources and combine them successfully with any furniture and partitions, so that staff are not hampered in their work by shadows or sun glare.


Forget that sound and the way it will travel through your office is important. Sound will be affected by the types of partitions that you use and the floor coverings, as well as the overall shape of your office. If necessary, choose partitions that offer extra soundproofing to create quieter areas.

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