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Three advantages of having a mezzanine floor installed

Posted by Marianne
December 13, 2013 in Features

There are many benefits that a business can realise when installing a mezzanine floor, with some unique to individual firms, business sectors and areas of expertise. However, there are plenty of perks that can be enjoyed in all areas of industry.

A mezzanine floor is one of the most effective ways to upgrade a workspace – whether as part of an office fit-out or as a stand-alone project. Whilst benefits vary, here are three of the main advantages likely to apply to you.

Create new space

The most obvious advantage of mezzanine floors is the immediate expansion of space that is provided. As they can be installed quickly and in a straightforward way when working with the right provider, it is a great method to create space to grow and develop without the need for new premises.

With companies eager to reduce costs, the prospect of looking for and moving to a new location can be daunting and even prohibitively expensive. Moreover, if a firm has spent time, effort and of course money in establishing itself in an area, undoing all of this can be counterproductive.

Add to this the obvious issues with staff – and customers – having to travel to a new site, and the problems associated with a move soon mount up. If it is a simple question of developing more space for a growing business, a mezzanine level is a natural response.

Make the most of your existing space

Creating space is clearly one of the obvious advantages to a mezzanine area. However, more than this, it is also a fantastic way to stop wasting space. In many buildings – notably warehouses, distribution centres and production facilities – space is often wasted.

Generally, this waste of space is in the roof, where little happens. Mezzanines open this space up, allowing for a far better optimisation of the facility.

Once installed, such spaces are ideal for storage. For keeping materials, additional office equipment, work clothing or stationery, the additional levels can prove a great help. They are also ideal used as an additional work or office area. Whatever they’re being used for, it makes sense to lift things up in more ways than one.


Having already discussed how unused space can best utilised and a seemingly necessary and expensive relocation avoided, the cost-effectiveness of  mezzanine flooring  mezzanine flooring is clear. However, there are other reasons that make the case for how productive such an installation can be.

For example, heating costs can often be reduced. Of course, warm air rises so if offices are moved onto a newly created upper level, lower heating bills could easily ensue. They are also very quick to install, meaning minimal disruption to daily operations – or even none at all.

Whatever way you look at it, these floors are the perfect solution for many UK businesses. Able to be tailored to suit any need and desire, firms throughout the country are stepping up to the next level with modern mezzanine flooring.

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