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Three tips for deciding on the right flooring

Posted by Marianne
February 23, 2014 in Features

When choosing the right flooring for your business, you may feel bewildered at first by the large range of surfaces available. These include the natural-looking options of ceramic tiles, stone and wood, more industrial flooring types such as concrete, vinyl and rubber and the traditional choices of carpet and linoleum. To make sure you reach the correct decision, it can be useful to think about three important aspects of flooring and how they relate to your business.

1. Think about safety

Perhaps the most important question of all is: what kind of space will the flooring be used in and is there a chance that it could be slippery? If there is risk that the area will be hazardous, then it might be wise to think about  safety flooring  safety flooring. This is a covering that consists of vinyl with a special surface that grips, available in different grades. It is usually used in areas with high foot traffic where spilt liquids mean that slipping is a risk, and such places commonly include commercial kitchens, where water and grease are spilled, and bars where drinks often end up on the floor. Safety floors are also found in gyms, and other places where water from showers could cause accidents, and healthcare premises where people may be frail or unwell and more likely to fall.

2. Consider durability

Some spaces will need more durable floor coverings due to the nature of the work carried out there. Warehouses are a special case because there is a need to consider the effect of weighty objects and forceful impacts on flooring. Here, an epoxy resin may be an appropriate floor covering, or concrete with a non-slip surface finish such as rubber. Shop or office floors may also need to be more durable if they experience a high volume of foot traffic. There is also the question of how long  office flooring  office flooring needs to last, with longer periods requiring greater durability. Tough floor coverings include stone and concrete, commercial linoleum, vinyl and ceramic tiles and solid or engineered wood. Commercial grade lino is easy to clean as well as durable, while vinyl and ceramic tiles are easy to maintain and hardwearing but could be slippery. Wood is more durable than laminates, and engineered wood will resist moisture and temperature changes better than solid wood.

3. Cater for all the senses

In these image conscious times, your customer’s visual and auditory experience when they enter your premises are important. Visitors who notice dirty, worn out or low quality flooring and a noisy, chaotic environment could associate that with the rest of your business. Your flooring covers a large area and is always in view so it makes a big difference to the image of your firm. It can be useful to consider whether your floor covering matches the identity of your business. Does it seem elegant, fun, reliable or traditional? Whatever personality you associate with your company it should ideally be reflected in the decor you choose, including flooring. Think about using attractive surfaces, such as wood, or luxurious carpets which muffle sound. Freshly scrubbed ceramic or vinyl tiles can suggest cleanliness, and you can prevent entrances from wear and tear using matting.

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