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Top tips for choosing the best office furniture

Posted by Trevor
January 25, 2014 in Features

The better an office environment, the better the productivity of its staff. This is nothing new but, many otherwise well designed offices are let down by their furniture. Needing to provide workers with a safe and comfortable place to work, it is important to get things right.

There are number of companies out there that can help you furnish your office, but there are also a number of top tips that you can follow yourself, ensuring you pick the best furniture for you and your firm.

Don’t stutter and clutter; plan and span

It is all too easy for an office to become cluttered, full of incorrectly positioned  office partitioning  office partitioning, too many chairs and desks, lights illuminating nothing but themselves and sets of drawers looking terribly out of place.

If this is done with new  office furniture  office furniture, it is even worse.

However, by simply taking the time to plan how and what office furniture is required to comfortably fit into the space available, such errors are easily avoided.

An office is all about the space it has; it is this that gives the freedom and room for staff to interact, make the right decisions and be the most productive. This is not to say it should have cavernous open spans of  office flooring  office flooring of course, but the space that is available should make sense.

Getting the right size and shape of chairs, desks and equipment is key of course, but it also goes a little further than this. Messy desktops, open drawers and doors and unreturned chairs soon create their own clutter. However, if an office is well planned and well maintained, the staff will treat it well too.

Erging on the side of comfort

Since workers spend about a third of their lives at work, it is only right to ensure that the space in which they do their work is comfortable. For many years now, the science of ergonomics has been understood but, still has not largely been taken up by many offices in the UK.

As well as preventing stress injuries though, such highly designed and naturally comfortable furniture promotes productivity, reduces sick leave and helps make staff healthier and happier.

Variety is the spice of (office) life

One element of office design, and furniture, that is increasingly being seen is the creation of breakout areas. In these, kitchen areas and conference rooms, having furniture which looks, feels and is different to the desk furniture can make a huge difference. Accessorising too can add weight to the effect of this.

A staff offers musical organisation

Okay, so this is a little tenuous. But just as much as a staff is vital to organising the flow of a musical construct, so too is it vital to a workplace, of course. As such, asking your staff for their opinion on the office furniture can be extremely positive. It is they who get to use it the most after all.

We all want to be happy with where we work; to be proud of it and to show it off to our friends and family. Having a good desk, with a good chair, and a good place to take time out is a surprisingly big part of this.

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