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Top tips for making the most of available office space

Posted by Mark
December 25, 2013 in Features

Optimising your available office space is an important part of boosting productivity, employee happiness and satisfaction. The second biggest outgoing after salaries, your office is quite likely one of the biggest assets in your organisation.

To ensure you are getting the best results from your office, there is plenty you can do. Here is a selection of the top tips for ensuring you use your office space to its full potential.

Walk it

It is surprising to learn that many business owners do not know how much space is available in their offices. This is not necessarily a question of basic area measurements, but more to do with how much space each employee has, how much under-utilised space there is, and what and how it is being used for.

With this in mind, taking a walk around your work premises can prove to be a sensible exercise. It does not have to take long, but it will let you see just how much space you have and how it could be used more efficiently. Talking things through with an office design consultant or an office solutions firm can also help greatly in this regard.

Measure it

Making a note of how much space each employee has is a key part to understanding just how well your premises is currently being used. A rule of thumb is to work out just how much area each person has available; ideally something around 11 square metres should be aimed for.

Such space targets should include those in management and specialist jobs too, unless there is a particular need. Knowledge sharing is a great driver for office productivity; something which is not restricted to pay grade or position in a company.

Flex it

One fantastic way to optimise space is to introduce hot-desk working. This is ideal for firms that have a lot of staff out in the field. It is also the perfect flexible solution for those companies and organisations that have freelance and contract workers coming in on a regular basis.

Furthermore, it is worth looking at permanent members of office-based staff and analysing their work patterns. Introducing home-working could work well; perhaps saving business costs and improving productivity.

Store it

Storage is a familiar problem for many office managers and business owners. A hugely important requirement, it does take up an awful lot of space. Relocating is not always practical of course, and off-site storage facilities only work for certain requirements. There is a perfect solution though.

 Mezzanine flooring  Mezzanine flooring is an ideal way to create storage areas in offices. Perfect for high-ceilinged offices and also for warehouses, cluttered spaces in any setting can be dramatically improved by such installations.

These are just some of the best tips for improving how you use office space, but there are others. Discussing such options as break-out zones and furniture of the future with staff and office design providers could also be very beneficial, for example.

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