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Warehouses and how they benefit from steel partitions

Posted by Trevor
February 25, 2014 in Features

In an open plan workplace such as a warehouse interior, there is often a need to create self-contained working areas or offices to organise the space as efficiently as possible. Unlike many other work spaces the industrial setting of a warehouse, in which heavy items may be moved around using forklift trucks, generally requires extremely robust partitions and this is where steel has the advantage by virtue of its strength. Steel resists rotting and rusting, which means that any part of the warehouse that are regularly exposed to moisture will benefit from its use. The metal also has environmental benefits because it is completely recyclable, and around half of all steel is currently manufactured from recycled products.

Steel partitions offer many advantages for warehouses

In some warehouses the roof is too high to be put to use in stabilising the tops of partitions, and to solve this problem, freestanding steel partitions can be constructed inside the work space. Being a tough material,  steel partitioning  steel partitioning can help to make enclosed areas inside a warehouse more secure, which can be of great benefit in warehouses that contain high value goods. When steel partitions are used to section off an area in which machinery is located, they can help to keep that area safe. Separating moving machinery from the rest of the work space reduces the risk of people engaged in other activities accidentally straying into the area and injuring themselves. In areas where food is stored, steel is both hygienic and easy to keep clean. Its solidity also makes it suitable for the storage of hazardous substances.

Steel partitions offer a surprising variety of choices

When they are used to enclose office areas, steel partitions can be glazed so that, while providing privacy, they also offer a view of other employees. This can be useful for managers because it allows a degree of supervision. It can also prevent office workers from becoming too isolated by making them feel more connected to the rest of the workforce. In the office area or beyond, steel partitions can create attractive surfaces. They can be powder coated to provide different finishes, in various shades of grey or natural stone colours. A range of doors can be added to steel partitions and these include single, double or sliding options, with or without glazing.

There are a number of different types of steel partitions available and each one delivers its own range of benefits in the warehouse setting. Single skin partitions are less expensive and are available in heavy duty versions. They are commonly used to enclose an area where having a visible separation from the rest of the work space is important but the extra expense of a more robust double skin system is not needed. Heavy duty versions of single skin partitions can be used to enclose work areas more securely. Double skin steel partitions cost more but are more substantial. They can be used to section off areas that require a degree of soundproofing and they can also provide fire protection.

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