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Why mezzanine floors are ideal for warehouses

Posted by Mark
September 28, 2013 in Features

A growing business is always a good thing, but growth can cause its own issues in many areas of a firm – particularly in regards to a business’ storage capacity. When providing a product, being able to store adequate stock is essential.  Mezzanine flooring  Mezzanine flooring can help here.

As a business grows and expands, the need for bigger facilities often comes to the fore. However, relocating a company or building supplemental facilities is extremely costly – detracting from funds that could otherwise be steered into other areas of the business.

This is one of the real benefits of mezzanine floors, which can dramatically boost the floor space, and indeed the flexibility, of a warehouse. Rather than go through the expensive and drawn out process of looking for a suitable site, the extra floorspace could be up and running quickly too.

A waste of space

In the majority of UK warehouses, a vast quantity of space above head level goes to waste. Even when racking systems ensure that much of this is used up, there is still a lot of space wasted. Installing mezzanine flooring here is ideal, providing the added storage of a further work area.

It is all achievable without extending the base footprint of the site too, so it does not have a cost impact in that regard. It also does not require planning permission in most cases, ruling out yet more potentially costly and time sapping delays and issues.

Not only storage

It is easy to immediately see how a mezzanine floor can provide a great additional storage facility in warehouses. However, it is not necessarily as easy to appreciate the flexibility that these raised platforms provide.

Perfectly placed in the storage area of a warehouse, mezzanine floors can be ideal as pick and pack areas. This can help to dramatically improve productivity and give a greater coherency to operations. Linked easily by stairs, lifts, conveyor belt systems, the speed and efficiency of services can be boosted.

More than this, they can also be perfect for office administration staff. Ensuring they are immediately on hand to respond to issues on the shop floor and allowing them to interact with colleagues, a mezzanine can boost productivity.

Increasingly, warehouse mezzanine floors can also be used for staff break areas. Kitchens and canteens too are a great way to make use of mezzanine floors. It just goes to show that these excellent options are not just about storage, but about creating a better space in which to work.

The affordable option

The costs savings of a mezzanine floor against a complete relocation are clear and, additionally, the cost-effectiveness allows a business to take a more sensible approach to growth.

For many firms, a raised floor in the warehouse is the most sensible choice. It is not just for those firms expanding though; it’s also suitable for businesses looking to consolidate their operations. Across the board, all businesses can benefit from this popular, flexible and affordable option.

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