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Why office design is important

Posted by Marianne
December 21, 2013 in Features

On the face of it, an office is nothing more than a place where people come together to work. However, as any CEO, director, manager, team leader or employee knows, an office space must offer far more if the company in question is going to be successful.

The office is a place that needs to work on many levels; allowing each member of staff to complete their work in the best and most productive way possible. It is for this reason that office design is so important; whether it is the floors, the lighting, the furniture or the break-out areas.

Well behaved

The design of an office can speak volumes for a business; whether it is indicative of its approach to how work should be completed, or the sector in which it operates. More than this though, it can also significantly affect the behaviour and the culture of an office.

Working with a professional office design consultant can be surprisingly beneficial. From the use of certain colours as accents or main palettes to the way artificial light and natural light is used, it is possible to create an area perfectly conducive to project work, manual work or monotonous tasks.


More relevant to certain sectors than others, successful office design can often be traced back to what is current and in vogue. This too can be an incredible driving force for staff productivity, particularly in creative offices.

It is important not to get too carried away with this though. Whilst an evocative and inspiring office layout can encourage ideas and even help maintain a constant flow of work, done wrongly, it can easily become too much of a distraction. In some cases, this can prove to be counterproductive.

Naturally perfect

A problem for many offices in the past and, to a lesser degree, an issue for many now, is their enclosed nature. Quite simply, the emphasis in this regard should be on the nature, rather than the enclosed. This means that creating an office which allows access to natural light, in abundance if possible, is incredibly important.

It’s also important to create workspaces that provide views of the natural world. This does not have to be a nice pastoral setting of course, but certainly should enhance the inside space, making it feel bigger and allowing the outside in. Even in urban settings, this is important – sky lights could be a good alternative.

Ebb and flow

Offices the world over soon create their own ebb and flow; and this is as much led by their designs and layouts as it is the people inside. However, a positive flow can be helped with the basics. For example, sensibly creating individual work spaces with office partitions can be useful.

The use of  suspended ceilings  suspended ceilings to handle all of the cabling and pipework is also a quick and effective way to enhance an environment. Furthermore, the creation of breakout areas is important, allowing colleagues to catch up with each other away from their desks.

Whether your firm is planning an  office fit out  office fit out from top to bottom, or looking to enhance an existing area, the right design can make all the difference.

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