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Why partition an office?

Posted by Marianne
August 12, 2013 in Features

There are many reasons why an office could be ideal to partition off, from helping improve its flow to creating individual work areas. There are also a number of different types of partition which can be used in modern offices, from temporary low level ones to floor to ceiling options, which effectively split an office into entirely different and independent areas.

Done well and  office partitioning  office partitioning can increase productivity in a work area too. Open plan offices are all well and good to a degree and promote a good work ethic. However, there does always need to be a level of privacy and ‘own space’ creation. This is why demountable partitions, which are easy to move and reconfigure, are so popular.

Asses the needs of the office

When designing the layout of an office though, it is important to consider factors such as the use of the office and each area. For example, open plan offices with a series of desks can be well partitioned with low level demountable partitions.

However, to create standalone offices, training and meeting rooms and defined work areas, floor to ceiling partitions will likely be best. Increasingly, companies are opting to go for glass walls in this regard. This is a sensible step to take, as it not only breaks up a space, but also clearly defines an area while keeping the open plan flow and that all-important light of an office together.

However, there are different looks and feels that can be readily achieved with office partitions using different finishes. As well as being made from glass, they can be timber or fabric clad, decorated plasterboard and easy to clean melamine. It is all about the intended use. For example, when partitioning an office for storage space, more basic options would be ideal.

With floor to ceiling partitions that are effectively creating standalone areas, it is also important to consider the door options. For example, these can be in glass too, which gives a completely seamless look. However, to give greater definitions, timber veneer doors may be a better option.

Taking privacy into account

It is also necessary to consider just how much privacy will be required. For example, low level desk partitions only provide a certain amount of screening, being more about defining workspace than anything else. However, full glass partitions offer great sound proofing, for when greater levels of privacy are required.

The safety aspect of any office partition is essential of course, and there are different grades for each option available. All will need a level of fire protection. Where partitions are being used in factory settings to define clerical areas from workshop areas, greater strength and resilience may well be required.

The best way to decide how best to partition an office is to talk to a professional office fit-out firm. They will be able to advise on the best options for you, according to your individual needs. Whether being used to define separate areas, increase productivity, provide private areas for meetings and break outs or to simply improve flow, there is a perfect, cost-effective solution available.

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