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Why warehouses and offices need different flooring

Posted by Trevor
August 15, 2013 in Features

There are certain things that warehouses and offices have in common. They are both important work areas which are fundamental to operating a business successfully. However, they are also unique spaces requiring their own approach to certain areas. This is most certainly true of the flooring in each, which has different needs.

In an office, for example, the traffic generally tends to be from people. As a result, there does not need to be much emphasis placed on its strength and resilience to damage, whilst options such as wood and carpet tiles can be considered. In a heavy traffic areas like a warehouse though, things are somewhat different.

It is important, for this reason, to really take your time and consider all the factors when choosing  warehouse flooring  warehouse flooring, and engaging with professionals at the earliest opportunity makes sense. With each warehouse in the country having different demands and constraints, it is unlikely that an off the shelf option will work.

Durability is a chief consideration

Perhaps the most important factor to consider is the durability of a warehouse floor. One of the most obvious differences between that and a floor in an office is the load of traffic and how that heavy that is.

 Warehouse flooring  Warehouse flooring will likely need to cope with various weights, as well as handling impacts. As such, it will need to be far hardier and stronger than a regular office floor. Where an office will have carpet tiles say, the best floor type in a warehouse will be concrete, epoxy resin, PVC or rubber, which all offer strength and durability.

Health and safety is important in any workplace of course but, again, warehouses are more prone to risks than a regular office in regards to the floor. As such, it is essential that it can handle spillages and liquids. This is even more the case where chemicals are being used. Whilst a carpeted office floor is non-slip, warehouse flooring will likely need to offer this too.

Often, concrete flooring can become slippy. However, finishes with rubber, epoxy and PVC can all be textured where appropriate. For greater health and safety qualities too, these materials can easily be colour coded to define work areas and danger areas in a warehouse.

Floor maintenance

Typically, an office floor can be cleaned and maintained using nothing more than vacuum cleaners and the occasional use of carpet cleaners or other such materials. Maintaining a warehouse floor adequately is different though. Concrete flooring and epoxy coatings can be harder to maintain, though the use of a sealant does help. PVC floor tiles could work well, though these can be a little more expensive.

Due to the aspects of each environment, it is quite obvious to everyone that warehouse flooring and  office flooring  office flooring require a different approach. Most people know this, of course. However, to fully understand what flooring will work best for you in your offices and warehouses, approaching a professional provider is always the way to get the best job completed.

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